Well it is kind of my Friday today as I have no kids tomorrow, but I do have to suffer through all day meetings.


Today we did an opinion response about Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson. I love this book because it highlights how one person’s good deed can spread to everyone.

We also did some more work on time which the children really seem to be getting well.

And this afternoon we started a directed drawing project based on Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows which is our art for Saskatchewan which has a lot of wheat fields. We thought it would be one day, but we’ll have to finish it next week.

We had a meeting at lunch about the three classroom moves that are supposed to happen. Two of them I completely get, but moving the music room to the portable, I don’t get! We have to go outside to get there through the rain we have continuously and it is going to take up instructional time to get the kids dressed and undressed for going outside:(. I guess my biggest complaint is that there is never any discussion and it doesn’t feel like any comments we make, make any difference:(

If only everyone had to agree with me!🤣

I ran out of work quickly to get to my doctor’s appointment. So annoying that he only gave me six months of my pills- it’s a pain to go there! The good news is that I have perfect blood pressure-120/60. I guess all that running is good for something!


Unfortunately no running happened today. I ended up having another unplanned nap and just didn’t have a run in me, so I went for a walk instead. Hopefully a one hour walk is equal to a run:)


I had bought some Sweet Loren’s cookies down the states last weekend as I had read a blog raving about them. I made them up tonight so that I can take them to work tomorrow. They are pre-shaped and took about 17 minutes to cook. I tried one cookie and it was chewy and too sweet while having too little taste. I can’t say that I will be buying them again, though I admit I always think homemade is better!


I had a good eating day! Though I am starting to wonder if I’m the only person who eats pretty well the same thing everyday?

Breakfast- hard boiled egg

Recess: yogurt

Lunch: 2 kid pancakes with 1 mini sausage

Snack: cinnamon raisin scone

Dinner: 1 tilapia filet, cherry tomatoes with hummus, pepper with salsa, cucumbers with fake cream cheese, 1 cookie

I would like to make it so that lunch was my bigger meal though!

Well, I’m going to go suffer through more of the book I am reading right now, though I really need to get back to knitting!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Fake Friday

  1. I eat pretty much the same every day, me, me (raises hand in the air). Same breakfast, lunch from a range of about four options, and a light tea drawn from a poll of similar things. My husband cooks at the weekends but if I’m doing a long training run it’s always the same meal the night before. I just can’t get interested in food as food, plus having a dietary requirement puts limits on things.

    Do the biscuits come wrapped up? I can’t see how they’re pre-shaped without all sticking together and making one giant one!

    1. Ok good I’m glad it’s not just me! Food is definitely just fuel for me now that I have to avoid so many things.
      The cookies weren’t wrapped and were an odd shape I thought, but they turned out round so I guess that’s all that matters.

  2. Sometimes you just have to try it to know that it isn’t so great as everyone else thinks. I hear about a product being rated. I try it and think “meh”. Big anti-climax. But at least I tried it! X

  3. You know the bit in your post about the doctor’s appointment, i’m glad it was 6 months of pills, for a second there I thought you were going to write that you had 6 months to live.

    1. Oh my! That would be scary! I had a dream about that the other day and I dreamed that I went and spent time with each member of my family, plus a trip to England.LOL

      1. Ahh, it’s funny you should mention that, I keep having a reacurring dream about my Gran who passed away 13 years ago. Weird!

  4. That is so annoying that the administration is making these changes without taking your comments into consideration.

    Enjoy your day without kids!

  5. Fake cream cheese? 🤔 That’s a great blood pressure, AJ. I want it!! 😃 Which book are you suffering through? I’ve been sick with a nasty cold and hadn’t been reading posts. Now I’m coughing until I gag!! 🙄

    1. Yes it’s soy cream cheese as I can’t live without “cheese”.
      I had five weeks of the cold and so can feel your pain!
      I’m suffering through 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. I loved The Hating Game, but am having such a hard time getting through this one!

      1. Cheese is fabulous, isn’t it?! I LOVE it. I probably should be eating gluten free myself. I have IBS, and it seems like my stomach is always hurting from stuff I eat. I really need to find out which foods I’m sensitive to and eliminate them. I think it will be 90% of my diet though. 🤦🏽‍♀️
        I’m slowly getting over this cold. One tickle in my throat sends me into a coughing fit! And so much mucous! It’s been a little over a week for me, but that’s enough. I’m done with this already!!
        Many people liked The Hating Game. That’s why I added it to my tbr. Do you think you’ll finish 99 Percent Mine, or will you shelf it?

      2. I felt like a whole new person within two weeks when they finally figured out my allergies. I highly recommend it!
        That cold is horrible! I had it for five weeks before I felt better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’s less for you!
        I did finish 99 Percent Mine, but definitely didn’t love it:(

      3. Did you go to an allergist to have your food sensitivities and allergies tested? I need to do something because my gastroenterologist keeps brushing me off, but I always get sick to my stomach and have a lot of discomfort, bloating and whatnot. It’s miserable, and it’s consistent. I’m so happy you feel better now that you know how to eat.
        It’s like I had a mild cold a couple of days, went downhill fast the next couple of days, and then felt better but it’s still lingering. Still some phlegm and mucous and coughing, though not much now. But it hasn’t gone completely away. My mom and sister had it, and my uncle and his wife too. But there’s was more like yours, lasting weeks!!
        I’m sorry that book tortured you. I know what that’s like.

      4. That sounds like the cold I had!!
        I worked with a holistic nutritionist and then had the testing afterwards. Wish I had done it the other way as you have to be eating gluten to be tested. It is worth it though as I felt better almost immediately.
        Ugh I can’t wait to finish this book too!!!

      5. My daughter said she felt the same way too when she got sick!!
        I’ll have to look into getting a good allergist to test me. I think a holistic nutritionist sounds good too. Thanks for telling me. 🤗
        What are you reading now?

      6. I’m trying to make my way through Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. The story is good, but the female lead drives me nuts

  6. What an excellent blood pressure!! I was always curious about Sweet Loren cookies- I’ve never tried them, but thank you for your thoughts! Hope meetings go ok today. Almost the weekend AJ- wooohoo!!!

    1. I was super happy with that blood pressure – usually mine is super low:)
      I wasn’t impressed with the cookies, which was a disappointment as I had read a rave review about them.

  7. why are you suffering through a book? if it isn’t good… it’s not worth your time. there is way too many good books to waste time on one you don’t want to read. (ok enough on that)

    I can’t wait to see these pictures your students are making.

    moving music outside is crazy. admin never listens to teachers…. we are the ones in the trenches, don’t you think we know what we are talking about?

    1. Well I loved this author’s other book- The Hating Game and I keep hoping this one will get better🤣
      I hope these pictures turn out! I was thinking about the difference is their art from the start of the year- it’s so amazing how much more they can do!
      Ugh exactly! Listen to the people who are dealing with your decisions. It seems to be a bit of an ego thing though- she didn’t come up with the idea

  8. I can understand your eating the same thing many days in a row. Lots of people do, especially if they have dietary restrictions. We eat many different things in our house, but I’m home all the time, and we love variety.

    I remember a time when my grandmother was nearing the end of her life. She had a cook who was also advanced in age. The arrangement was that my parents ate dinner at noon at her house so that they could visit with her on their work lunch breaks. They had a seven-day rotation of meals, which simplified the shopping and planning. I have a horror of ending up like that. If John and I lose our taste buds, maybe it wouldn’t matter.

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