Today started out tough but got infinitely better:)


I awoke to a message that Lyndsay had forgotten her purse and phone at Cori’s house last night and all I could think was, “why wasn’t I invited?” And I was feeling hurt. It turns out that Cori responded to Lyndsay’s group text with the invitation but I didn’t get it as Lyndsay doesn’t seem to have a group text option. They both assumed I was out when I didn’t answer. I’m glad it was just this and I hadn’t upset anyone as of course I immediately started thinking they found me annoying or boring. I was proud of myself for actually saying something and not just keeping quiet and being hurt.


I ended up walking 4km with Brenda this morning as otherwise she would have been alone. We did discover a way to extend our Coquitlam River run however so I’ll be happy about that. It still won’t be a run that I do alone though.

This evening I got out for a short 3.69km run. It was a gorgeous night and I just enjoyed it as it will cut down on how much I have to do tomorrow to finish the 12km mission. It is nice to see my times be around 6:30/km pretty consistently and yesterday I made a 6:13 so I’m happy:)


Lyndsay, Cori and I had arranged to meet up to try out a cidery today. It was the Fraser Valley Cider Company in Langley. It is a long way out there, but was super calm, pretty and peaceful when we finally got there. We each got a flight of cider and a charcuterie board to share. I tried their four sweetest flavors- black currant and cardamom, honey, elderflower and gin botanical. I think they really should include all their flavors in the flight as I wonder if I would have liked some of the others better. The guy did let me try Rosy as I was leaving and it was pretty yummy with its caramel taste. I ended up getting the black currant cardamom cider as it was sweet and different from what I had had before.

We decided that we needed to do something else as it had taken us so long to get out there. We went and walked around Fort Langley and looked in a few of the shops. I did find some underwear I liked and bought:) I remember this place as having more little boutique stores, but now it seems to be comprised mostly of places to eat. We tried one none of us had been to called Fortitude for happy hour. We all noticed the server announced it was happy hour as though that was a bad thing🤣 I had a raw hard lemonade which they kindly made sweeter than normal for me and we shared the salt and pepper wings, edamame and arincini. It was all very yummy!

On the way out of town we stopped at Maria’s Gelato for coffee. I had been there before and been unimpressed they didn’t explain that vegan and gluten free grilled cheese cost more than the usual. This time, the girl sold me vegan cheese, and had a whole conversation with me about my dairy and gluten allergies and then made my iced chai with regular milk. She then excused it by saying I hadn’t specifically ordered non dairy. She then charged me again for the milk substitute!!! I was super unimpressed!😖

On the way home we stopped at Amsterdam Nursery as we all wanted to get some plants. We had quite the car full of plants on the way home! I got mine all planted and am happy to have a pot of herbs again. I’m thinking I really need some plants for my other pots, even if they will die when I’m away this summer!


I am making progress on my Rose City Rollers Littles sock. I may even get one finished this weekend, though I’d love to finish both!


I’m also making some progress on my two books:)

Well that was my lovely day:)

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “A Great Adventure

  1. Oh the gelato place sounds annoying! I have had that when I was allergic to chocolate – has it got chocolate in, no, you’re fine. Arrives with chocolate sprinkles. Arghhh!

    Well done on speaking up about the evening out thing: I had that with my running friends once, though they’d arranged a whole meet up without me and it was just an old message I hadn’t seen when I was out all day officiating. I did just ask one lady rather than the group, though.

    1. Yes it is a shame as the ice cream place has lots of vegan and gluten free, but I’ve had it with the people!
      I did just talk to one girl and I’m glad it was just a mistake!

  2. good for you for speaking up! It’s much better than carrying around the hurt/resentment with you, but it takes a bit of courage, so kudos!

    1. Thank you! It did take some courage as it’s not my usual action! I’m really glad it was just a mistake though!

  3. I think beer/cider/wine flights are a great way to try things out. Although it is so hard to pick which flavors to try! The nice thing is that you can always try other flavors if you go back again.

    1. That is true! I actually just asked them for their four sweetest as I know that’s usually what I like best. There are a ton of wineries to try so I don’t know if we’ll go back or just keep trying new places.

      1. Oh that’s smart! I do love when the server has the time to go through the drinks with you and can recommend ones you would probably like,

      2. That would have been cool too, but this place didn’t seem to do that with anyone:( the guy did let me try Rosy too at the end which was nice of him!

      3. That stinks! I always think that places should have extra help on weekends if they know it’ll be busy. That was great he let you try Rosy!

  4. sounds like a great day. glad you discovered the misunderstanding before it went too far into a hurt feeling place.

    1. Yes so am I! It seemed weird for them but it’s a sore spot for me because I’ve had other friends do that purposely to me

  5. That cidery sounds awesome! What a fun adventure to have with your friends. Hard lemonade and snacks sound wonderful too, especially at happy hour prices! 🙂

  6. Aw that’s the worst when a miscommunication makes you feel like you were left out! Glad it was all explained as a misunderstanding. Cider & Charcuterie is a great combo. Mmm mmm- and those flavors sound wonderful. And oh my- those appetizers look sooo scrumptious too. That’s so annoying about the milk substitute situation- ugh! Not great customer service. Can’t wait to hear how you like your books. Hope your week is off to a nice start, AJ!

  7. Hopefully you can do the old large pop bottle filled with water and embedded upside down into your dirt and it will become a self-watering planter that way?

    1. I’m hoping too. Some years that has worked and some years no water has come out and everything dies:( I’ll have to experiment

      1. You’ve got a few months – don’t some people leave them in the shower and put a bucket with plastic tubing (like you’d see in a person who has oxygen and 100 feet of clear tubing so they can walk around the house.

      2. Hmmm never thought of putting them in the bathtub as I think part of the problem is how hot and sunny my place gets

      3. Yes, I had Googled the 2-liter bottle before I commented back to you, and I saw some videos – my neighbor used to do with with his hanging impatients bags, but that was on a daily basis – they needed a lot of water. I had to water mine twice. But I do recall someone using a hose, like you would use to siphon gas, from someone’s car to fill a gas can when they run out, etc. They left it in the bathtub in case of a spill or runover, but it seemed it worked well. You could try it out and they’d be in the dark so could remain moist.

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