It was quite the day!


Well we went to the district track meet today. Students in grades 3,4 and 5 get to compete in discus, shot put, high jump, long jump, 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, medley relay and 4×100 relay. We took 39 kids which is a lot less than usual, and it went pretty well! We had one child have three melt downs, we had another go to the park and tell a parent, but not a teacher, and we had two parents drive me crazy about drivers (I hope I don’t get into trouble!). Overall, not a bad day:)


I survived L’s bootcamp after school too. The tabatas increased in length by five seconds. The first four pairs were:

Elevated bicycles/side mountain climbers

Double banded squat to abductors/ banded single arm row

Medicine ball slam to squat jump/ standing crunch

Banded hip bridge/ iso bridge with tricep extensions

We did thirty seconds of frog jumps between each of these.

The next four were:

Banded bench superwoman to abductor/ banded pulse squat with alternate leg lift

Lateral lunge to upright row

Lateral step up with hop

Bench crossovers

We did thirty seconds of burpees between each of these.

It’s funny because at the time I was super hot, sweaty and tired, but as I write this I want to get up and do more of some of these🤣

This evening I missed my run since I was napping, but I did go to Zumba. The instructor is so happy! I still am going the wrong way most of the time, but there’s the odd move that I’m starting to get. I told my friend Cori that I need some tutorials on some of the moves!


I finally finished Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. The storyline was good, and I especially liked how the ending showed the future, however, the character of Hazel drove me nuts. She is portrayed as a woman who has no filter and no self control, but she’s a teacher. She wouldn’t last a Day in the classroom without self control and a filter. This drove me crazy through the whole book!😖


I only got one row of my sock done. Just too tired and ended up falling asleep.


Another not great day- I guess I don’t deal with change in routine well.

Breakfast- scone with peanut butter

Recess: grape tomatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning

Lunch: coconut chips

Snack: gummy bears (a student bought them for me when his mom gave him money for a snack at the concession- he even made sure they said gf😀)

Dinner: granola

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Track Meet

  1. Well done on getting through the track meet: that’s a lot of events (we had quad events at the last one I did, which involved 70m, 75m hurdles, 300m and 600m. Where do they even START?!). Love that your student bought you a snack!

    And I can feel your pain over the teacher in your book! I got a bit annoyed in one I read recently where there was a marathon runner who went for 12 mile runs every weekend. I mean, he did break down, but nowhere was there a comment he wasn’t running correctly for what he was doing, so it must have been a research issue!

    1. It always drives me nuts when authors don’t do research! I notice it a lot about teachers as everyone went to school so they think they know what teachers do!

  2. sounds like a busy, yet physical day. When my life is crazy so is my eating. As I am right now drinking a coke since I worked longer than normal today and didn’t eat or pretty much drink all day and now have a headache.

    hopefully your teaching day was back to normal today

  3. That student buying GF gummy bears charmed you for sure. They have YouTube how-to videos, short and long. They were offering a class near my house and I looked to see what it looked like. It looked fun – didn’t join up as it started at 6:00 and it would be cutting it close as to leaving work and still cold so had to get dressed in more clothes to go. You can just Google these words and three come up, one is a full workout (almost 1/2 hour long). Google: How to Do Zumba on YouTube. Love YouTube – it has everything you need to know.

  4. Sounds like such a busy day! So glad the track meet went well, even if there were a few hiccups. It drives me crazy in novels where one of the characters is unrealistic to their situation. Just totally wrecks the book for me!

    1. Exactly! Hazel was the biggest problem I had with this book! If they had fixed her I think I would have liked it fine

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