It was just a busy day all around!


We wrote about the Michael Mitchell concert we saw yesterday. The kids are getting really good at getting more details down!

We did our weekly stem challenge- which was to build a house of cards. First we had them see who could use the most cards and then we had them try and build the highest tower. They were certainly engaged!

This afternoon we had flashlight Friday reading and then had our final math addition drill. We also cleaned our desks and the library. It was a busy day with just lots of little things. Oh and to top it all off we had an indoor lunch because there was a bear in the property🙄


I had a workout with L today and she warned me it was a doozy! Our cardio switched between sprinting intervals and walking 15% incline hills! We then went to the floor where we did tricep extensions, squats, plank jacks, crunches, pushups, squat jacks. We alternated these with planks and squats. I am definitely going to feel this one!


I picked my mom up this evening for a quick trip to Costco for a shrimp platter that they ended up not having:( it’s too bad as I wanted one too! I ended up messing up and buying roasted garlic chicken legs which I can’t eat instead of the rotisserie chicken:(


Breakfast: an egg with some jalapeño cheddar

Recess: 1/3 cup granola, zucchini slices

Lunch: oatmeal and an apple

Snack: berry sorbet

Dinner: shrimp, 4 Buddig turkey slices

Well I’m home on my couch now and going to go knit and hopefully finish my sock. I should probably be cleaning before my mom sees my place, but oh well!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Busy Friday

  1. sounds like a good day. I think it is cool that you eat outside. I don’t know of schools here that do that. they typically eat in the cafeteria. I love the idea of the house of cards STEM project. that is certainly a challenge that is fun

    1. Oh my students play outside first and then come in to eat in the classroom. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. We just get way too much rain for anything to be outside regularly:(
      The stem project was great! It came from a teachers pay teachers package that is three monthly stem projects. I have to admit I would change the worksheet that went with it, but I suppose it was fine

      1. ugh I would hate to have the kids eat in the classroom all year. that would not be a fun thing.

        I hate when I buy kits and then do not like the sheets that go with it, it feels like a waste of money. But, I’m glad your activity went well

      2. Yes I’d rather they went somewhere else so I could have my classroom!
        Yup I refuse to spend money for resources anymore once I get to the limit the PAC will give me!

  2. I think your comments about your students are sadly sweet. We have read about some of their adjustments to school, and now you are praising them for their achievements. In a matter of days they will be your former students, and you’ll go back to square one with a new set this fall.

    1. No we never did see him as he was out the other end of the school. We didn’t even tell the children as that would get them all riled up!

  3. Math addition drills used to terrify me!! so glad they had fun with the cards & that workout sounds soo intense. Hope you’ve been having a great weekend, AJ!

    1. I try to make it as low key as possible and really highlight the idea of improvement:)
      The workout was deadly, but I wasn’t that sore?!?!

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