It would appear I am addicted to shopping when my mother is in town.


I at least started the day off right with a run with Sarah and Dennis. We did just over 5km our at Colony Farm and it was lovely, though already getting warm!

This evening, I did my 50 squats, 50 plié squats, 50 pushups, 50 dips, 100 lunges (in various directions), 100 ab exercises. Hopefully that will help!


I picked my mom up and we headed two towns over to a shoe store, though we did stop and visit with my aunt on the way. About fifteen years ago, this shoe store sold kids shoes that were awesome. I am still wearing a few pairs I got from there. Then they stopped making kids shoes and I was devastated! Well, I learned this week that they were back to making kids shoes so I really wanted to check them out. I came home with 5 pairs! At least I know I should get my use out of them!

My mom and I also hit a store looking for an outfit for her high school reunion. She found a very cute outfit, though she pouted the whole time as she hates shopping when she has to try things on, she much prefers just watching me🤣. I also found a few things, including a dress for the end of year assembly that perfectly matches one of the shoes I bought! It was obviously meant to be!


After all this shopping and my mom buying open toed shoes for the reunion, I decided we needed pedicures. We stopped in and made an appointment, and I think we were in and out within forty five minutes. I feel like it used to take forever, but it seemed very quick today! I’d like to show you our toes, but once again, I’m out of picture storage:(


Breakfast: a sausage patty with an egg and jalapeño cheese on top

Lunch: salmon salad from the pub, but eaten on my lap in the nail salon

Snack: banana chips, multigrain corn chips


I have started my next project. It is a cute little cardigan for my oldest friend’s baby. I sure hope I can get it done by June 4th!

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Shopping Addict

  1. sounds like you hit the jackpot!! It’s not always easy to find with shoe shopping- so I just say you are being smart and taking full advantage 🙂 I’m like your mom though– shopping is not fun for me. haha

    1. Yes I have learned to buy shoes when I find them because it’s rare that I find them!
      Lol I’ll tell her she’s not the only one

  2. sounds like another good day with your mom. glad you were able to find some things that you can use.

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