I would really like my holiday to hurry up and get here, but could somebody else do all the work I have to get done beforehand?


I got out first thing this morning for a run as I knew it would be tough to get one in tonight. I love running in the morning- perfect temperature, quiet, beautiful, and slow??? I am so much slower in the morning:(. I’m putting it down to the fact that I haven’t eaten in about fourteen hours at this point, but I don’t know. I know lots of people run in the morning! I might just try to ignore that and go out more often in the morning. It wasn’t long- just over 3km, but it was lovely!


Our butterflies hatched over the weekend and the kids were fascinated! We only have one that has not emerged and that’s the one that dropped a few times so I may be explaining some life and death to my class this week:(

We also tackled a journal about butterflies, started our geometry unit, and played with magnets. The kids were amazed by playing with iron fillings and a magnet. I love the hands on activities where they are super engaged.

After school my co teacher and I tackled our report template. Of course I lost it when we were 3/4 done so then we had to redo it😢🤦🏼‍♀️


Once again I grabbed my mom to keep me company on my errands. We hit the mall so I could get a new CO2 canister (I’m really loving my sodastream machine), some Mio which is the flavouring I use in it, and a new water bottle. I also managed to pick up Canada beach balls as the year end gift for my students and the fruit snacks for our big year end field trip. I feel like it was a pretty productive time:)


It’s something about work! I eat so much more when I’m at work than I do when I’m home!

Breakfast: sausage patty with an egg

Recess: scone, banana chips

Lunch: salad greens, turkey, dressing, Rice Krispie square

Snack: oatmeal

Dinner: shrimp, cookie

Ugh there goes the better number on the scale:(


I got the pattern printed at school today, but last night I got the collar done, so now I want to go get the next part completed:)

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Does It Have to be Monday?

  1. If I run in the morning I’m much slower than if I run midday. All of my workouts are worse in the morning. I need a quiet morning with a big cup of coffee before I’m ready to hit the pavement.

    1. Yes I need something as I run at least a half minute slower per km in the morning. I will try my best not to let it bother me and we’ll see how it goes.

  2. sounds like a good day, even if the end of the year is taking its sweet time in arriving.

    do you have to create a new report card format every time you do report cards? that would be frustrating.

    1. We were just talking about the fact that our report cards have changed four times in the last two years!! It is super frustrating!! Before I had used the same template for years

  3. What fun, engaging activities for the children! I miss those days when I was a young student–and when Alex was first learning about the world around him. Cheers!

    1. They have been great over the last three years though every year there’s always drama around them! I find it stressful to care for these lives!🤣

  4. Some people’s bodies just respond better in the evenings for running! I go through stages where I will do better in the morning and others where I do better in the evening. Maybe it’d help to have something super light before ? Like a banana or somethin’? I just know I cannot run on an empty stomach for my life ! Hope you have a great rest of the week 🙂

    1. Hmmm true I guess I could try having something. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
      I hope you have a good week too!

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