It was a slower day than I was expecting:)


I got out for my run again this morning. I was a little bit faster which was nice, though I tried not to think about speed while I was out there. I could have sworn I went further today than I did yesterday, but yet my app doesn’t show that:(. Oh well, at least I got just over 3km in.

It was cooler this morning which was nice, but I also met more people which you’d think I wouldn’t on the cooler, cloudier day.


We had our assembly for jog a long this morning. It was nice to see that t wasn’t just top runners who were recognized, but also those who showed great spirit or sportsmanship. I love it when the non-athletic have a chance to be rewarded too!

We had a math drill, and this afternoon we watched a movie on friction in preparation for tomorrow.

After school Liane and I finished our report templates and got the materials ready for assessment. It relieved of the angst.


I am working on the baby cardigan and got about another fifteen rows done tonight. I only have until June 4th so I’d better set aside a good chunk of my weekend too!


I was horrible at trivia tonight- about the only thing I contributed was my neat printing. It was neat that my parents came though and got to see what I do each Tuesday night. Unfortunately it’s not a time that is conducive to visiting as it’s way too loud to hear in there!

Some questions:

Which NFL team was the first to go an entire season without winning a game?

Detroit Lions

Where was the original Jaws movie set?

New York

What is the alcohol in a Tom Collins?


Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes series?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What are non magical people on Harry Potter called?


What Olympic event did Bruce Jenner win?


Where is the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Who painted Starry Night?

Vincent Van Gogh

We definitely didn’t have our best night🤣


I knew today was going to be horrible so I’m just going to move past it.

Breakfast: banana chips

Recess: lemon blueberry scone

Lunch: staff luncheon- a salad bar so I had green salad without cheese or dressing, green salad with thousand island dressing, quinoa salad, bean salad, salt water taffy

Snack: about three servings of multigrain corn chips

Dinner: 1 hot wing and a sangria

I am done for the day!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #10

  1. I knew a lot of those trivia questions, woohoo! I love seeing the questions and trying to figure out if I know the answers to them.

  2. sounds like a good day.

    Have you tried eating more for breakfast to see if helps curb the cravings later? I find if I have a decent breakfast with some protein in it, then I’m better off the rest of the day. especially with you running in the morning, you would think you’d need more than a few banana chips for breakfast?

    1. I will try that today and see if it helps. I ate the banana chips since I seemed to be obsessed with them and just wanted to finish them off!

  3. So awesome they have those awards for spirit and sportsmanship too. I actually knew 3 of those questions for once!! Muggle, Cleveland, and Van Gogh!

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