That’s how my mom started my day. It’s neat because she tells me what she pulls out of her jar every day:)


I took a break from morning runs today as I don’t really want to become predictable.

Today we tackled writing our report card goals (because six year olds are so good at that🙄), we wrote about releasing our butterflies yesterday and we worked on our Saskatchewan art. It was busy, but I didn’t feel particularly productive.


This is going to be short tonight as I’m almost done my book and want to get back to it!🤣


After a lovely nap, I made myself go out for a run. I tried putting insoles in my shoes tonight, but my toes still really hurt. I think tomorrow I’ll have to see if I can find wider shoes. I don’t want to hurt my feet permanently!

I was hoping for a long run tonight, but it was a zoo out there tonight. I must have run into at least three sets of kids, though I have to admit I like that, but dodging and weaving around people, no thank you! I’ll finish off my monthly mileage in the morning:)

I’m off to my book!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. Running in the afternoon is nice since it’s sunny but then there’s more people to have to dodge which sucks. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your book!

      1. It is nice as it allows me to run anytime and not be by myself- just gets a little annoying when it’s packed and you’re having to dodge kids, bikes, dogs, etc

    1. It just strikes me as a waste of time. We do goal setting, but for things they care about. I also have to have them “self assess” whether they communicate, socially responsible, etc- another waste of time- I haven’t met a six year old yet who doesn’t think they can do everything

  2. I’m way behind in Reader and I saw your picture pop up from last year when you cut your hair off for the donation to make wigs for kids – are you going to do that again this year?

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