It was a very quiet day and I’m not sure how I feel about that right now.


I headed out for a run first thing this morning and realized quite quickly it wasn’t going to work. I was wearing the only runners that don’t hurt my toes, but every other part of my foot was hurting!

I came home, cleaned my house and then went and bought new runners before heading out again.

The second run went much better! I got a total of 4.8km in which is good enough for the first day of June:)

I also went for a 5km walk this evening, just because it was gorgeous!


After cleaning up, I headed out to do some errands. I was on my way to three towns over for strawberries when I decided to take my usual route. I am so happy I did as the farm I bought berries from last year had their sign up!!! I got a flat of strawberries and can’t wait to play with my new canner tomorrow! I may also use some for a fruit salad for my breakfasts this week.

I also managed to stop and pick up the last three Canada beach balls I needed for my student year end gifts. Now I just have to figure out how to package them for the kids.


I spent most of the gorgeous afternoon sitting on my deck reading. I finished the book, Just This Once by Mira Lynn Kelly. It was an enjoyable read, but I didn’t like the book as much as the two others I’ve read in that series.


I have been a knitting machine all afternoon and have managed to finish the body of the baby cardigan. I just have to tackle the sleeves!


Breakfast- turkey and cheese on a scone

Lunch- cheese on 16 corn tortilla chips

Snack- another 14 corn tortilla chips with cheese- they were just so good!

Dinner- chicken and greens

Not a bad day, but probably too much salt. I think I’d better try to limit my salt as I’m finding my hands and feet are swollen a lot.


I’ve just turned on The Dater’s Handbook. It’s cute so far, though I have to admit I’m distracted by thinking that Meghan Markle went from the to being a princess!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Solitary Saturday

    1. That is exactly my plan for today too! I just need to stop on my way home from my run for jar lids. I’m making strawberry rhubarb, what kind are you making?

  1. I’m ready for fresh picked berries. the pick your own starts next Saturday

    hope your new shoes help.

  2. so glad the new shoes are working for you! Also, nothing better than fresh strawberries- I have just been craving them lately! Have a great week, AJ!

    1. I made a fruit salad for breakfast each morning this week and I’m so looking forward to it!
      Have a great week! You must be getting ready for the move?

      1. Soooo I should be, but haven’t exactly started packing (eeek!). I have sooo much school work at the moment and my sister is coming to stay with us for a week starting tomorrow… so I’m going to just pack after haha. I usually get “in the zone” and can get things done pretty quick-plus we live super minimalistically, so I think we will be able to pack up pretty quick. We will see!

      2. Lol sometimes having a limited amount of time works for getting stuff done. Hope your visit with your sister is fun:)

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