A good day with a sore ending:(


I wasn’t really into running this morning so was t upset when it turned into a beautiful walk.

This evening I kicked my butt out the door for my run with the idea I only had to do 3.5km. Well I was going along great, feeling fantastic, when at 5.6km, Wham! Flat out and took out my chin, both hands and both knees. Needless to say my run was over and I hobbled home, dripping blood the last 1.4km. If anyone has a suggestion for how you get dirt out of cuts, let me know. Washing didn’t seem to help at all:(


After tidying my bedroom and doing laundry I joined Brenda for a knit afternoon. I got one sleeve of my sweater done and only have 34 more rows on the other. My hands better be knit-ready by tomorrow!


This afternoon I finally got around to making and canning my Strawberry rhubarb jam from this recipe. I think it might be too sweet for my liking, but I always follow the recipe the first time. It was neat how canning really did come back to me. It must be like riding a bike:)

Well I’m off to a painkiller and my bed.

Have fun!

34 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Oh no! I would carefully dab with antiseptic and soak them a little to let the dirt float out. Well, soak then antiseptic. Take care and hope you’re not too stiff and sore today. It’s horrible when that happens! Poor you!

  2. There’s an antiseptic you can put on a cut but I don’t remember the name. Growing up it was a white bottle and green cap but the packaging could have changed since then. I’ve also done just warm water and a very mild soap. There’s nothing worse than taking a tumble while running.

  3. soaking in the tub might help it. I typically put hydrogen peroxide onto wounds that I think may have dirt and such in it.
    sorry you got hurt… hope your aren’t too sore today

  4. I know how badly falling on a run hurts. I fell a little over a year ago and still have scars on my shoulder and one of my knees. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

    1. Yup it came as a shock and I am definitely feeling it today. The first aid attendant at work fixed me up but said I should have gone for stitches.
      I hope your scars disappear soon:)

  5. I use a hand powered trigger spray bottle, like used for washing windows, but filled with water. Adjust the spray setting to something that will flood the wound and spray….

    1. Ya my first aid attendant at work patched me up this morning and said I should have had stitches in my hand. I just never think of going to the hospital.

  6. Wow – I did that right around this time of year as I was running for the bus – nasty indeed and took forever to heal and had a ton of street dirt in it. We had alcohol in a spray bottle, so that was able to spray right into the area and clean it better. Ten used that Johnson & Johnson antiseptic spray after the ouch left from the straight alcohol. It was a long time before I could kneel and had it bandaged up and had to dress it nightly and my mom did it as I could not see it well as it was on the “bend of my knee” – sigh. And had street dirt on my hands where they hit the concrete.

    1. Yup I’ve been digging a ton of dirt out of my hands, knees and chin. Everything except my left hand is healing well. First aid at work said I should have gone for stitches in my left hand:(
      These falls are the worst aren’t they?

      1. Yes, they are and you were likely the same as me and put your hands down to brace your fall. The alcohol here all comes in the spray variety, so you could at least know the container is clean and fill it with water or saline solution to clean the wound too until it begins to get a covering on it. I don’t envy you – I was bandaged up to keep the germs out for a while and the ouchless bandaids don’t stick to the wound, but they don’t stick to your skin either! So I wrapped gauze around my leg/knee to ensure the bandage did not fall off. I was paranoid it would get infected. And then you are stiff and sore two days after the fall.

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