My day definitely wasn’t as active as usual:(


We had workout Wednesday first thing, but I ended up in a conversation and didn’t move:(

We did some research sheets in Ontario this morning, had a Wigs for Kids assembly, and discussed the difference between being rude, mean and bullying. Yup pretty typical day in grade one and two.


We did bootcamp after school and I did my best but there were several moves I had to modify as my left hand isn’t ready to bear my weight yet. I told L I want to do the same workout next week so I can do it better!

My friend Cori couldn’t do Zumba tonight so I just went for a run. It was quiet and cool so a nice night for a run, though I did take it easy as the rest of my body is slightly achy still.

This better stop soon! I need to get back to normal! Right now I’m super tired and heading to bed as I have to be at work for 7am tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday or Not

  1. Hiya hardworking girl, those trails look so cool and inviting. I would join you in a heartbeat. Trust you’ve been well and busy. I have been doing intense workouts, but the last two days have been about munching on crisps and being lax, sheesh. xx

      1. Teehee just once in a while something’s gotta give. My sister-in-law came from Seattle with these massive packs of jalapeno crisps which my husband loves and far be it from me to allow him to devour them alone!

      2. Yup all I can hope is that today will be a better day! I totally agree that you shouldn’t let your husband eat crisps alone🤣

  2. sorry to hear that this injury is still slowing you down, but better to rest it than do more damage.
    hope your day goes smoothly and you hand feels better

  3. Do you have mosquito issues? I was going to send my son to a nearby hilly trail but just watering the flowers outside, I had to cover completely up with just my eyes and hands out. And they still ate me up!

    1. We get mosquitoes but not like some other places. The mosquitos love me so I always end up eaten up by then end of summer.

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