It was a nice enough day, though the summer is already too hot for me. I like it around 20 and today it was 29 and it’s just supposed to keep climbing😳😢


I got out first thing this morning for a run. Once again I was quite slow, but at least I got the 3.25km done! I went out the opposite way as I usually do and it was nice and cool and I didn’t meet any bears:) I just figured out that if I do 4.5km per day in June I could be completely caught up on my yearly goal by the end of June. We will have to see how it goes.

I also went for a walk on my lunch hour as I wanted to check out a possible lunch running route. Unfortunately it’s not going to work as it’s still a hill. I’m trying to find something that wouldn’t make me too hot and sweaty but would let me get a run in. Today I just walked and it sure was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine and quiet:)

This evening before I headed out to trivia I got 50 squats and 50 plié squats done. When I got home I got 5 minutes of marching on the spot, 100 front kicks, 100 back kicks,100 hamstring curls, and 100 standing crunches,


It was a calmer day than yesterday, thankfully! We did writers workshop this morning where we read three versions of The Three Little Pigs and then asked the students to write their own version. We only just got started so I guess I’ll have to wait until next week to see how they do. I had two awesome versions of the book though: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. I loved the second one because the pig uses a sledgehammer, a pneumatic drill and dynamite to blow up the houses. These books definitely appeal to active little boys.

We had an assembly where I got to hand out the track ribbons and finally put the track file away for the year. My principal said I’m a good public speaker so I guess I did fine.

This afternoon we finished our Father’s Day gift and played outside. Overall, a pretty good day, well except for the four report cards I had to write after school!


There were 6 of us tonight. Some of the questions I knew:

Who sang Timber with Pitbul?


Who sings with Macklemore?

Ryan Lewis

What body of water is between France and England?

English Channel

The name of the main character in The Matrix?


In which Eminem song is spaghetti mentioned?

Lose Yourself

Which body of water does the Seine River flow into?

English Channel

What are the three states that California touches?

Nevada, Arizona, Oregon

The three Batman movies after the original?

Batman Returns, BatmanForever, Batman and Robin

Where are Birkenstock’s from?


What does Failce mean in English?


Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #11

  1. I had to Google those temperatures haha but those don’t seem horribly hot! At least for me haha. But different climates have different definitions for hot!

    Another week where I knew a good amount of the trivia questions – yessss. I love when I know a bunch even though I’m not playing.

    1. Lol our heat is very wet here so that supposedly makes it worse, but I admit I’m just not really one for super hot
      We did our usual 10-12 out of 15 points. There were a lot I didn’t know this week.

  2. I love teaching the various versions of fairy tales. there are so many great adaptions out there. I am planning on doing a fairy tale a month next year to expose my students to fairy tales, I’m always shocked how many children do not know fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

    I would not have done very well on your trivia. I totally can not do music trivia. I listen to music all the time and love to sing, but I never know the title, singer or album and that is always the trivia facts

    1. I’m amazed at how many don’t know nursery rhymes. That’s a good idea to do one a month! I keep wanting to start planning what I’m doing next year but I’m trying to resist as all too often it changes.
      I love listening to music, but also don’t know any of the details. I only got those two as they have been on my running playlist forever

  3. We head out to trivia tonight. We looked at the scores from last week and everyone did very well. We didn’t play. We aren’t feeling hopeful about a win. 🙂 I would have gotten the bulk of your geography questions right, but definitely not your music related questions!

  4. Ha – what body of water is between France and England made me giggle because that’s one we’d never see here in the UK! Well done on all that strength work. I am putting in my squats into my day again.

  5. I know you want to run on your lunch breaks, but you may enjoy a nice long walk it always amazing to me what I take in when I walk around my campus. I also find it a good mindfulness exercise. – You are pretty good at trivia : )

    1. That’s the conclusion I came to today as well – a walk will have to do. I do love getting away from the school:)

  6. I had no idea about any of the music side but could answer the rest, but was confused about the last one about “Failce”, you put “welcome” therefore I was wondering if you were talking about the Scottish & Irish Gaelic word Failte which means welcome, as in “céad míle fáilte” meaning a hundred thousand welcomes in Irish Gaelic. BTW we say Croeso in Welsh.

    1. Yes that is exactly what I was talking about! I was having a hard time remembering exactly how it was spelled and was worried I had gotten it wrong:(

      1. Gaelic is not easy, but then again my mother tongue is even harder as we don’t have as many letters, and we pronounce them quite differently to English. But, I do love languages.

      2. Oh that’s really cool you’re multilingual- I wish I was but with a speech impediment English was tough enough!

      3. Oh right! I learned Japanese back in the 90’s, devils language but fun. I ended up laughing in my oral exams as my tongue kept tripping up trying to introduce myself.

      1. OMG – I used to work with a girl years ago who ran a Trivial Pursuant game several times a week at a bar or restaurant … can’t remember now as it has been about 25 years now. She would ask the attorneys and staff to give her questions for her games.

      2. That would be fun! My dad used to run a trivia so he was always reading to find a tough question

      3. Yes, it was and she would type them up and circulate them by e-mail so we could learn new trivia. Five other legal secretaries and me were in “The Detroit Legal News” spelling bee back in the early 90s. We had two teams of three and made these little banners and “bee headbands” and each had a name of our group. We practiced for weeks and the attorneys and other secretaries would say words to us when we walked down the hall or the xerox machine … our team missed at the word “recidivism” which is actually a very easy word to spell, just how it sounds. None of the girls on our team had ever heard the word before. We misspelled it and were eliminated. I don’t remember what the other Firm team missed on.

    1. My hearing definitely hinders me at trivia too! It’s so loud I can barely hear!
      I’m not done until 2:50pm in June 28th

    1. Lol you definitely wouldn’t say that if you knew there were 75 questions in total. We figure we usually know about half of them.

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