It was definitely an active day!


I went out this morning and even as I was jogging across the street I was wondering if I should just turn around. Everything felt tight and off kilter:( True enough I struggled and was slow for all but the last two minutes of my run. I did the absolute minimum and only got 3km in:(

After school I did L’s bootcamp. It was a doozy today and even she was tired! We did our usual tabatas but then also did a cardio interval in between each. The intervals were two each of: pogo jumping, see saw, explosive star jumps, lunge jumps to squat jumps. That alone was enough to make me sweat and then we did the tabatas in between. We all noticed there was a lot of sore wrists! We did:

curtsy lunge to reverse lunge

bear shoulder taps to plank jacks/ dips with alternate heel touches

v sit with pat pull downs/ dumbbell half get ups

banded plank leg raises

bench leaps/ plank tricep press backs

narrow squat to hammer curl to wide squat and hammer curl/ twisting mountain climber

And I seem to have managed to block the other two stations🤣

This evening it was time for Zumba. The last class and I’m still not good at it🤣. I’d been looking forward to it ending and trying something new but then I saw the friendly/ cute TOC in the gym and wished I had some more Wednesday nights to go to!🤣🤣🤣

When I got home tonight I did 50 squats, 50 plié squats, 100 standing crunches, 25 v ups, 100 front kicks, 100 back kicks, 100 roundhouse kicks, 100 hamstring curls, 100 jabs, 100 uppercuts, 100 crosses.


It was a nice day because it felt like we were productive.

This morning we did printing- mastered the letter v:)

We then finished our Father’s Day gifts- a rock that says You Rock. We did them over two days- the first day we painted them with acrylic paint and the second day we decorated them. I’m actually happy with how they turned out:)

We made simple cards and decorated an envelope to put it all in.

After our break we tackled making 3D objects out of toothpicks and clay. I had never done this, but the kids did great! They made one on their sheet, identified the faces, edges, and vertices, got a picture with it and then destroyed it up make the next. I thought it would be chaos but they were super engaged and they learned so much! We reviewed the worksheet afterwards and I was super impressed with what they knew immediately. I tried to give you a picture but once again I’m out of space.

This afternoon we tackled nutrition. It’s all just changed so none of my resources are up to date, but the children still seemed to enjoy it:).


I just ate lots of little things today so we’ll see if that works better or worse for me.

I ate: fruit salad with yogurt, mini homemade larabar, egg, tuna on crackers snackit, coconut chips, salad, wiener, mini scone, Rice Krispie square.

As I write this, I realize it’s probably s good thing I exercised a lot today. Maybe tomorrow I’d better go back to my four small things!

Well I’m off to sleep.

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday #2

  1. The rocks are cute. Lots of exercise and well done for facing Zumba. Is there another Wednesday class you can try or is it always Zumba on a Wednesday? I’d say that wasn’t a lot of food for all that working out: we do need fuel …

    1. Yup I survived Zumba:). I think we’re going to get a pass so we can do random classes though I may try for a Wednesday one next week😜

    1. Yup! We are going to a punch pass so we can take classes at anytime during the summer so next week I’m thinking it will be a Wednesday night class😜

  2. you need to figure out what the cute guy is doing and then use the equipment a few spaces over from him and then slowly move closer and hope to “bump” into him.

    the father’s day gift is cute. I’m sure they will like it.

  3. Our painted rock craze is still big here … I have found four or five and left them there for the kids to find but taken pictures and posted it in the local Rocks Facebook group – everyone is excited when their rock is discovered. That was a clever idea for Father’s Day – paperweight or in the garden.

      1. You should totally go and get some. I would suggest painting with acrylic paint first and then decorating with sharpie after

      2. I think I should go to Michaels and get some paint … I’ll have to ask my friend Ann Marie if she is still doing her rocks. She turned 76 last December and I met her while walking at the Park. She used to live down the street from the Park and walked every day after she retired. She moved to another city as it was difficult for her husband to go up/down the stairs – he is abut 7-8 years older than her, so they moved to an apartment. She taught elementary school for years (Catholic school I believe – she is a former nun). Anyway, she painted her rocks to look like the American flag. She would do up a whole bunch of them, then go early to the Park and leave them along the trail.

      3. I think you should go get paint. If you lived closer I would just loan you some:). I like the ones that simple, but that is probably because I can’t even imagine being able to do what your friend did!

      4. I am still in the Downriver Rocks group but turned off the notifications as there are posts all day long, but there is a woman who is an artist and her rocks are just amazing. She will draw an entire scene onto a rock, or sometimes a portrait. Art is just a hobby for her, although she makes a little money painting onto clear Christmas ornament bulbs. She does any picture that someone gives her, many pet photos, couples, kids, school logos – she is very good!

      5. I agree … I took an art class when I was a teenager. It was a free class offered by the City and was right around the corner from me. Every Wednesday, a bus took all of us to different historic places in the area. It was a lot of fun. I’d like to do that again when I’m retired and have more time.

      6. That sounds really cool! My grandma was an artist and lots of people in my family ate cert artistic but it seems to have skipped me🤣

      7. I’ll bet you have a creative streak somewhere –
        you do lots of creative things with your knitting. I really enjoyed those drawing classes and my parents bought me some sketch pads and charcoal and pastel pencils, but then school started up that Fall and I put it away and never got back to it … meanwhile all these years later, I still think about it.

      8. I have a book my mom bought me years and years ago – it is on my coffee table and she said “you’ll do this when you’re retired” … it is called “A Sketchbook of Birds” … I wrote a post about it years ago, and did not use photos in that day. I would like to have my sketches good enough to use in this blog … someday. 🙂

    1. Lol I liked the rocks too! It seems like it’s expected that we make Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, the problem becomes how to do it with no money.

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