I am tired!


The kids were great today. We wrote about our field trip yesterday and the kids wrote so much!!! It’s great to see how far they have come!

Most of the rest of the day was taken up with trying to finish our Canada Flag torn paper art and gluing everything into our scrapbook. I only have about five kids who have managed all of that so I know what we will be doing tomorrow afternoon.

My mom came up after work to deliver all my shoeboxes and we started on the big job of replacing them. We’ll finish tomorrow, though I feel like there’s some I need to go back to.


After a quick cup of tea with mom I was off to the trail running clinic. We were running in Bert Flynn Park which is my usual Saturday morning run. I thought I had a picture but I don’t have one of the single track technical trails we were doing tonight. It was awesome to start and end on new trails and to have some familiarity in the middle. I got 5.66km done so that helps out my yearly goal too!

I did notice my left knee doesn’t like the stabilizing it has to do during trail running:(


I have to admit I prioritized my trail running over baking something homemade for the staff party tomorrow night. I always love having the excuse to bake, but not when I’m getting home late. I’m sure they’ll like the four flavour cake I bought.

Well I need sleep as I have an early workout with L in the morning.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Friday Eve Thankfully!

  1. As much as I love to bake too, sometimes the money spent on buying something premade is worth my sanity!

    Be careful with your knee!! I don’t want it to get worse like mine did.

    1. Oh true- I will definitely take care of my knee. Thankfully I have a massage on Tuesday!
      Yes I just couldn’t add that to my life last night- I needed a run and sleep more!

  2. School is out soon isn’t it? Our regular school year is late August to late May, with a few days at Thanksgiving, about 2 weeks over Christmas and a week close to Easter, with 3 day weekends thrown in on holidays in Oct, Nov, Jan, and Feb.

  3. sounds like a good way to wrap up the end of the craziness. There are times when I’m like… forget this I’m just buying something to bring. I typically don’t bring something I could make on my own as that feels like I”m cheating myself doing that. I guess it is a mental game with me.

    be careful with your knee. I wear a sleeve brace on my left knee when I do any kind of workout (hiking, lifting, biking etc..) It helps stabilize my knee and also reminds me not to do anything too stupid

    enjoy your last few days

    1. Yes I definitely always pick something I wouldn’t make myself- this time it was a cake that was cut up and four different flavors were included. I hear it was good:)
      I know I should probably take it easier on my knee, but I just really love trail running:)

  4. One more week to go! You deserve a long summer break, AJ. I started to give myself a simple knee massage at home sometimes, gently moving the kneecap up and down, and to the both sides to maintain my knee happy and healthy.xx

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