It was a very busy day after a long night so I’ve been yawning all day.

Yesterday was great but busy with a field trip and the staff year end party. I didn’t let that stop me today though!


I ran Mundy Park with Sarah this morning. It was nice and cool so a good day for a run. It got my distance in for the day, but definitely wasn’t a challenge. Unfortunately that was my only exercise for the day:(


I went to grab my mom but my brother and nephew had gotten there first so I visited with them a bit, and this cutie.


I grabbed my mom and started on the list, but it changed immediately when we saw how low my tires were. We went straight to the tire store and I was happy they didn’t charge me at all. I figured since I was so close, I might as well get a car wash too. It was then back to grab Mio and graph paper from Walmart, a gift card for L from Lululemon and I went a little crazy on Bath and Body Works because they were having a sale. I decided I wanted shower gel and lotion that were the same scents so I bought almost all the ones they had😳

We also hit Black Bond Books so I could spend a gift card from two years ago. They didn’t have many knitting books and the only cookbook I liked was double the price of the gift card so I got two books for my classroom instead. I’m just glad the gift card is finally gone!


After having fruit salad after my run this morning, I actually didn’t eat again until we met up with Lyndsay and Corianne for a late lunch at Taps and Tacos. I definitely made up for the lack of food by eating my weight in tortilla chips! It was a great lunch! I had the tuna taco:)


After a quick trip to Costco to look at a vanity my mom and I are both considering- we decided to veg out and watch Hallmark. We watched Season For Love which was quite cute.

Well I desperately need sleep!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Super Saturday

  1. sounds like a good day. glad you were able to find some deals and have some fun with your mom

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