This week is full of last days, and it’s all about survival. The kids are crazy and the to-do list grows by the second so it’s going to be all uphill to Friday.


We spent the morning writing our Summer Bucket Lists. This is an activity I have done each season this year and I really want to keep it up. It’s neat to see how much the students can come up with. I wrote my own too.

Walk on the beach

Read on my patio

Go trail running

Visit my parents

Go on a road trip

Go to Sechelt

Make ice cream

Go to Canada Day celebrations

Stay in bed drinking tea

Bake on rainy days

Can fruit

Pick berries

Go to Seattle

Visit my brother

Watch Gus play football

Workout lots

Have a picnic

Go on a hike

Meet friends for fun stuff

Walk along Main Street

Explore Commercial Drive

Go on a bike ride

Use my herbs

Go for ice cream

Knit 2 sweaters

Visit new yarn and book stores

Go to a farmers market

Try a new restaurant

Help on my parent’s house

Play with Anna’s kids at the park

See as many friends as possible

Work on my cross stitch

Make my Christmas presents

Watch movies

Check out a new library

Go shopping

With 62 days, hopefully this list will make my blog interesting this summer:)

Lunch was taken up with an interminable meeting where absolutely nothing was decided or changed:(

We also got the scrapbooks finished and tried to get all our torn Canadian flags done- not quite, but close.

After school I got all the kids hallway writing put into books for them to take home tomorrow. After each event this year we have written about it and now I have taken all the pages and made them into books for the kids to take home. It’s great to see how far the children have grown in their writing.

This is from last year, but they look exactly the same this year. I guess I am obsessed with yellow🤣


After a nap I managed to get my butt out the door for a run. I wanted to go longer, but one of my students got me with dairy today so I didn’t last very long. I got 3.9km done towards my goal and at the end I managed to hit a 6:15/km. Not sure how, but I’ll take it!


This evening I have finally sat down to work on the cardigan some more and now have the left front up to the arm decreases. I don’t think I’ll have this done by July 1st, but hopefully by the first week of the holiday.


As I’ve been knitting away, I watched Lucky In Love. It was a cute movie, but it seemed like the whole thing was a dream. I kept expecting the female lead to wake up and find out it was all a dream! Actually the female lead so reminds me of my server at the pub on Tuesday nights.

Well I’m off to bed so I can deal with tomorrow.

Have fun!


40 thoughts on “The Last Monday

  1. sounds like a good list for your summer break. that last week of school always feels like a crazy marathon of trying to get things done and stay sane. But, the end is in sight and that is a good thing.

    1. Lol I only do it for my holidays. I started just to do a sample for my students but have really liked having ideas

    1. Mine either! I use it for assessment all year so the book is just a happy by-product, but don’t tell the parents!🤣

      1. I know that feeling – we have rain again this morning and stormy wether on the horizon. I have a dentist appointment this morning, usually just a nice 3-mile walk. My car is in the shop due to the spring accident last Saturday (garage spring came off the cable and ricocheted into the back portion of the car, narrowly missing the tail light).

      2. Oh a 3 mile rainy walk just isn’t the same as a nice day 3 mile walk. I hope your car is fixed up quickly!

      3. It stopped drizzling as I was ready to go thankfully, but I had to lug my umbrella and coat along as I didn’t trust it would not rain after looking at the sky. Thank you and I hate to say it, but the car still is not done – no phonecall from them. If it doesn’t get done by 6:00 tomorrow, no car for the weekend and now they say Sunday will be nice, so I will be hitting my everyday spot. I see Summer slipping away due to bad weather and no real joyous Spring like we often get when you walk with no coat or hat and feel the sun in your face – I feel cheated, I really do!

      4. Oh it’s horrible when you don’t get those happy, blissful walks in the sunshine that make up for the long dreary, cold winter!

      5. I am pretty annoyed but we now have no rain all weekend, contrary to the earlier in the week weather report. But I mangled up my finger yesterday in the new garage door – going to do a short post to whine about it and have to work today as I couldn’t type yesterday – icing my finger. (No words!)

  2. I absolutely loved reading this summer bucket list!! I would love to go to Seattle too! Definitely up there on my own bucket list too.

    So cool to see the children grow and improve – I bet that’s really rewarding as their teacher! ❤

    Thanks for sharing, AJ!

    1. It is the best feeling as a teacher- realizing you have taught something. Most days you definitely doubt that🤣
      Yup the plan is made so I am going to Seattle in August:)

  3. AJ you are a whirlwind of energy and I both admire and envy that. Don’t you love a good list! Every year to 15 months I make a Best Year Yet list, and it is formidable! And then when the time period is up I need to carry over some of the things on that list to the next list. Sometimes priorities change and I find that maybe an item on the list is no longer list worthy, but it is a wonderful exercise to help progress.

    1. Exactly! I don’t think too much of the list and often have to carry things over too, but it at least gets me to be mindful of goals and what I want to prioritize at that time

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