I got up this morning and really wished it was already Friday!


I got out for a 3.5km run first thing this morning since I had a massage after school. It was lovely and cool out, though I was still a little slow starting out.

I just realized this morning that I am probably slow in the morning because my muscles and joints aren’t warmed up. All I do is walk downstairs and then start running, whereas when I go after school I’ve had all day to warm up and loosen up. It’s only taken fifteen years to figure this out🤣🤪


We worked on finishing up our printing this morning, had a math drill, handed out some work and then this afternoon we did the “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” activity. We read the story by Charles G Shaw to the kids and then have them look at the clouds to figure out what they look like. It’s a lot of fun to do during this last week.


Today at lunch I learned that the search feature only searches the titles of blogs. I guess I’ll be changing all of my titles so I can actually find something. I don’t like this as sometimes I really like my title.

I have also installed google pics on my phone and will try to figure out how to get photos from there to show up on my blog. It’s times like this that I wish I was more tech savvy!

Which by the way, I was unsuccessful at which explains why there are no new photos in this post:(


Finally got the arm decreases on the left side so will hopefully keep making progress!


After a lovely nap, my evening took a downturn when I went looking for my angel food cake pan. I don’t seem to have it. I tried three different stores for it or the ingredients for some roll ups and came home empty handed:(


At least my Hallmark movie of the night was cute- My Perfect Romance was quite cute:)


Breakfast- my last chorizo sausage

Recess- granola bar

Lunch- Pb & j sandwich, Rice Krispie square

Snack- granola bar

Dinner- cucumber and cheese, popcorn

I’m off to bed as I need to change around my day tomorrow to allow for going to Walmart for a Pan after school tomorrow.

Have fun!


40 thoughts on “Learn Something Every Day

  1. Do you stretch or anything before you run in the morning? Adding some dynamic stretching could help wake your muscles and loosen them up.

  2. hope your day goes smoothly and you are able to finish up everything you need done before the EOY. Hope you can find an angel food pan, are you making an angel food cake? that is one that I’ve never tried to take on.

    1. So far so good:) I do feel like I’m forgetting something important though!
      Yes I am going to attempt a gf/df angel food cake as it is Sally’s baking Challenge for june

      1. As long as you get your 5 a day, and even though I don’t eat it, I believe chocolate is classed as one veg as it is made from cocoa which is grown lol.

      2. Lol that is one vice I don’t have- thankfully I don’t like chocolate, however, fake ice cream and sugar as a whole is way too much of my intake lately!

      3. I am not a chocolate fan either, and so glad that there is another person on the planet that does not like it. I have tried American, French, German, Swiss etc and am happy to live without it. I love ice cream though mmmm, not chocolate thought blaaaahhhhh!

      4. Well you’d get along fine in my family- none of us like chocolate. Yes any type of ice cream except chocolate!

  3. Times a tickin’ for you … I really should warm up to limber up before I leave and never do. I always think it is not the same as running, this is just walking, but I guess it would not hurt to try.

      1. Oh definitely try the dynamic stretching! I just did a couple and have noticed I’m not as sore and stiff tonight

      2. I just did this post and I should have said in it, how many times do you need your right ring finger to type – I have do some work for my boss (end of month so will do invoices to go out on the 1st). Sigh.

      3. Yes I found that out earlier this month when I did the side of my hand in:( it’s amazing how often you use your hands!
        I hope the invoices go quickly!

      4. Yes that’s right – I remember that. I am faster than I thought I’d be with a missing finger – trying to hold it in the air while typing as it hurts when it touches the keys. They are a pain as them going out the door will coincide with the upcoming holiday.

  4. Saying about your massage made me think about something I’ve started taking that’s supposed to help loosen muscles and relax them! It’s called Calm and you can find it on amazon. It’s a powder that you mix a small amount of into a small glass of water. I wonder if that would help!

    1. I just started taking that too as it’s supposed to make you worry less. I didn’t know it affected my muscles too! I’ve only been on it a couple of weeks so not sure of any results yet, but great minds must think alike:)

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