Well it finally got here- the last day with my students!


I was worried when I heard it called for rain today that I wouldn’t get out, but I actually did and still enjoyed my morning run in the rain. I went the opposite way as I have been, but it went well as I got to run on the new path:) I shouldn’t call it a path though as it’s as wide as a road and feels like a road.

I did do the dynamic stretching that Maureen suggested. I just did leg swings and high knees, but it seems to have helped as my average speed was 13 seconds faster per minute and I’m definitely not as stiff tonight:)


Again, absolutely no teaching today- just handed out report cards, talked about the best friend moment of the year, went to the leaving assembly and then watched a movie in the afternoon.

I got my PR cards done twice today 😖. Don’t ask!😫


I met up with five amazing women I work with who make every day better. Our school isn’t a particularly happy place right now, but these women make me laugh and keep me sane. I really can’t imagine working somewhere without friends. We had an awesome time snacking, sipping and socializing for more than the 25 minutes we get at school. A pretty awesome end to the school year!


Was really good all day

Breakfast- cheddar and peanut butter sandwich

Recess- larabar

Lunch- apple sauce, fruit

Party- way too much yummy stuff!

Well, I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “The Last Day with Kids

  1. Having great coworkers is so important. I’m glad you have some! That’s awesome your pace was 13 seconds faster just from some stretches! The party food looks delicious. I think I see chips and salsa plus a charcuterie tray so I would have been in heaven lol.

    1. Yes who knew that stretches could make that much of a difference!
      My co-workers are awesome! And the food was too- good eyes- two charcuterie plates, different types of chips, salsa, hummus, etc and cake for dessert:)

    1. Thank you! It doesn’t really feel like summer yet as we have a rainy day and the stop hasn’t happened yet, but Tuesday it should set in:(

  2. it is great when you have those people at work who make your life feel a bit more normal. I’m glad you had another good school year. time to move into the summer fun

    1. Oh I can’t wait to do fun things. It’s nice that I’m starting off with four days of fun things right off the bat:)

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