Well I survived the admin day and am free (except I still have to go help my friend next week).


I really didn’t feel like it, but managed to get my 3.5km in this morning and once again, they dynamic stretching seems to have helped:). It was way busier out this morning, but I guess I was a little later too.

This afternoon I had a short workout with L as it got interrupted when she had to go pick up her son. We did a giant hill from 2-15% on the treadmill and back down again. I have to admit that starting at 11% I did a combo of running and walking. We then did chest press, hammer curls and bicycle crunches along with a minute of skipping between sets. It’s okay that it was short because I sure was sweating a ton!

The plan is to do some more exercise just before bed tonight, but it hasn’t happened yet🤣


We had a staff breakfast this morning and twelve of us made it out. I had my usual at Coquitlam Grill and it was as yummy as ever!

The even better part was that it kept me full forever! I grabbed a Kind bar at about 1:30 and then didn’t eat again until I went out for sushi with friends this evening.

It was yummy but not very filling as I couldn’t have any rolls. Two times from now I get to go to the gluten free sushi place:)


No teaching today, just cleaning and piling everything in my coat room.


After a lovely nap on my couch, I have been working on my cardigan again and am finished the left side:)

Well, that’s it for me tonight. My run is even earlier than my usual Saturday morning tomorrow so I think I’ll go to bed early!

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “I Made It

  1. freedom! I hope that a break helps you refresh and slow down a bit. Time to enjoy reading, baking, knitting, working out and just being yourself. I hope that the work drama settles down over the summer break as well.

  2. Yay for surviving admin day! For 12 to show up to the staff breakfast seems like a great turnout! Your order looks so yummy. I am eating eggs as I type this. The sashimi looks great! Bummer they didn’t have any gluten free rolls though.

    1. Yes we were pretty impressed to get 12! The breakfast there is always so good. I get the same thing each time, just change how the eggs are done:)
      Yup we are going to try the new place the next time we go for sushi and then the time after that we’ll go to the gf place:)

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