It was another lovely holiday day. I actually wonder if you can have a bad holiday day? I hope not!


For once I didn’t hop out of bed for a run, but instead lounged around and then went for a pedicure with Lyndsay. It was lovely, except for when they touch the bottom of my feet. Sometimes I hate the fact that I am super ticklish!


I had plans for the evening so decided to get going on another recipe from the cookbook I’m working from this month.

Today I made the Cherry Pie Poppers. It’s a simple cherry pie filling with a sugar cookie pastry.

The only change I made to the pastry was to use an already made all purpose flour mixture instead of Sylvana’s. Next time I’ll have to allow time to make hers as I was surprised by the cookie-ness of the pastry as I was expecting more like a pie pastry. I had to push down each one with a shot glass when they came out of the oven as they had puffed up. The recipe made tons more pastry than was needed!

The pie filling was simple to make though I used the fresh option instead of frozen cherries. I was surprised by the addition of pumpkin pie spice, but it was an awesome addition and really made the sauce flavorful and not overly sweet.

This recipe was easy to make, didn’t take that long and turned out great, even though I let them get a little too brown.


I finished Meet Cute by Helena Hunting today. I’ve been reading and nothing else!

Wow! This book sounds as though it’s going to be just a cute romance, but it is so much more. It deals with some big topics and emotions in a lovely way. The characters are interesting, dynamic and realistic. They make mistakes, are uncertain and learn along the way. The pacing is realistic and excellent. The book pulls you in and keeps you turning pages.


I had yogurt for breakfast.

Roasted cauliflower for lunch

Two mini cherry pie poppers (to test them of course!)

Tuna poke bowl


My friend Brenda has invited me over for dinner to try out the newest dish she had gotten from Fresh Prep. It was a tuna poke bowl, which anyone who knows me, knows I love seafood. I was super excited as she invited me to help her prep and cook it too. The package was super organized, though I do worry about how much plastic they use to bag up all their small amounts of ingredients. The dish said it took 25 minutes but with both of us working, it didn’t. The meal was super yummy and tasted like a restaurant meal. Brenda says all of the recipes have been like that. I may need to look into Fresh Prep for the Fall, though I think I would only need to order one meal for the whole week as the portions are very generous! We barely made a dent in the tuna poke bowl.


All day I hadn’t planned on going to the trail clinic tonight as the route sent to me earlier in the week really didn’t excite me, which explains my eating siracha sauce at 4:30pm (not a good idea before a run!).

However, after a nap, I decided to run down and join the clinic. I didn’t turn my running app on which did take some of the sting out of the fact that I ended up walking a lot of the start because we did about 250m of elevation all at one time! Ugh it was hot and hard! The run down was okay, but it was almost too steep to run down comfortably. What really impressed me tonight was that I had run down to the run and I actually ran home after the run! That was all on top of the 2km I did mid afternoon when I didn’t think I was going at all.


I really need to figure out this photo thing as there are so many more photos I’d like to share today! My tuna poke bowl, the trail, my new trail running shirt…

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Trail Thursday

    1. It’s my own frugalness that’s the problem:( I’ve used up my 3G of media space and don’t want to pay for my blog. I need to figure out how to link my google photos to this account!

  1. I’ve been cheating with my photos lately. I post them on my blog’s f/b page and then I copy and paste them into my blog. for some reason it then doesn’t see it at media… I can’t explain the why, but it works. So anyone who follows my blog’s F/B page sees all the photos I might possibly put in my blog posts.

    I was wondering how something you were making with a “cookie recipe” was going to end up tasting like pie crust. That just seemed odd to me. I would think if you made a shortbread cookie it would taste good with the cherry filling or make a sugar cookie and treat it like a thumbprint.

    glad your runs went well even if you had a lot of uphill to contend with. will you take the trail class again?

    1. So you have a separate Facebook page for your blog? How did you link the FB page and WordPress?
      Yes I was surprised by the pastry too. It tastes good but is definitely not a true pastry

  2. You did get a bit of running in! That recipe looks pretty yummy, we had cherry pie over the 4th, with the cherries from last year, looking forward to freezing some more soon. Your latest books sounds like a very nice read. 🙂

    1. I keep saying I’ll freeze the cherries I have left, but reality is , I will probably eat them🤣
      The book was really good:)

  3. I hate when they touch the bottom of my feet too! I’ve found that if I read during a pedicure then I’m more focused on what I’m reading than what the person is doing which seems to help. Plus us runners have some gross feet so I know it’s only going to make it look nicer.

    1. I like having my feet pampered with a pedicure- they definitely deserve it! I am just so ticklish that it is crazy! I’ve never gone by myself for a pedicure, but if I do, I’ll try reading:)

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