It was a really nice, low key day!


I admit I didn’t hop right out of bed this morning, but lounged, reading Picture Perfect Wedding. I also finished it and really enjoyed it for what it was- a light, fun read. The characters were well depicted, interesting and I loved the backdrop of Misty Bottoms Georgia as it sounded like a great place to live!


I did finally get out of bed and exercise. I did a quick circuit that Lyndsay had given me. It has three rounds- the first is 45 seconds and then the next two are 30 seconds, all with 15 seconds of rest. You do:

Right leg step ups

Left leg step ups


Bench mountain climbers

Frogged jumps

Bench squats

Bench pushups

Bench plank jacks

Bench knee tucks

Bench hip bridges

I was definitely a little sweaty by the end.

I did finally get out for a run late this afternoon. I really didn’t want to go for some reason, but managed to get my usual 3.56km in. I am happy to say I am 11km ahead so far this month and hopefully o can maintain that!


I met up with my friend Corianne for lunch today at Browns. It was nice to sit and catch-up. Some friends are just so easy to be with.

We then took the opportunity to wander the village looking at the shops, but managed to buy nothing:)

We also hit the library where I wasn’t so self-disciplined!


Not a bad day:

Breakfast- cherries

Lunch- tuna poke bowl, 1 mini cherry tart (thankfully I have the rest away and froze a couple)

Snack- iced chai latte with almond milk

Hmmm I guess I haven’t really eaten since lunch, but I also haven’t been hungry after eating the entire bowl!


I managed to finish my sleeve for the second time so tomorrow I will try sewing it into the rest of the sweater and see if I am happier with the results. For such a simple sweater, this sure is taking forever!

Well, not a super exciting day, but probably just what I needed. I also managed to not take a nap, so hopefully I’ll stop sleeping in so late!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Nice To See You Friday!

  1. sleeping in late is a perk of summer vacation. one should not give that up! glad you had a good day and enjoyed all things that make you happy: reading, eating, visiting with friends, running, working out… and if you had just baked you would have been totally in your happy place

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