It was a great day once I got over this morning.


I headed out about 8:30 for my run. Had this plan to walk up the big hill- run along the top road and down to the rec centre and then back along the bottom road.

It was awful! The walk up the hill was fine, but the run turned into a run/walk which never happens to me. I ran down the hill a street early and shut off my runkeeper at the bottom and walked the bottom road home. My legs were tired, I was tired, it was hot, it was a disaster:(

I have, needless to say, taken it very easy the rest of the day to give my body some rest. Hopefully it will reward me with a better run tomorrow!


My friend Karen was coming over so I spent the morning cleaning my house. It looked really neat and tidy when I was done:) I wonder how long I can keep it that way?!?!🤣

We went for sushi and then walked around the inlet. It was great to catch up with her as we realized it was before Christmas that we last saw each other😳


I got busy this afternoon and got my seafood manicotti made. I used this recipe from Pillsbury and it was super easy! I think I have this manicotti thing down now:)


I have so many knitting projects rolling around in my head and just don’t know where to start! I have pulled out some gray yarn to make up a baby blanket for my RMT’s wife who is due in October. Hopefully it will be cool enough that I will be able to work on it.


Breakfast- egg and sausage patty

Snack- cherries

Lunch- assorted sashimi

Snack- guacamole chips

Dinner- seafood manicotti

Well I’m going to go back to my knitting and LibriVox.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “A Reunion, Kitchen Time and a Start

  1. Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow- we should really listen to what our bodies are telling us, and if it’s a walk, it’s still exercise.
    I also spent half of my yesterday cleaning and tidying up. Doubt it will stay this way by the end of today😁

    1. Yup I shouldn’t push so hard, but I’m really trying to get the mileage in.
      I love when my house is tidy but then I always want to play and it becomes messy

  2. It seems you’re very good at Running 🏃🏻‍♀️ Aj! I have tried some sushi and sashimi in my area of Andalusia Spain but haven’t been successful, hopefully I can try eating real sushi and sashimi when I visit Japan next month, I really miss Japanese food 😋🥂

  3. I’m sorry about your run! Some runs are just harder than others and that’s okay. It was smart to listen to your body instead of pushing through and running.

    I have friends I haven’t seen in months either. It’s crazy how fast time passes by! I’m glad you were able to spend some time together to catch up.

    1. I’m really hoping today’s run is better! I actually set my alarm so I’d be able to get out while it’s still cool. I’m also going to just do my usual route, but hopefully I’ll feel like adding on!
      It was great to see her! I couldn’t believe it’s been so long! You never mean for it to happen, but everyone gets busy…

      1. It’s so important to get out early in the summer. You learn after a time or two that an early alarm is worth it!
        It’s so true. I was actually talking to a friend over the weekend about seeing each other since we couldn’t get together last time I was in Chicago.

  4. there is a great feeling when the house is clean and neat, keeping it that way…. now that is the challenge

      1. and you don’t have kids…. sometime I just want to give up on the concept of clean

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