It’s amazing how much you can get done when you only have so much time!


I got up this morning earlier than I have been to get out for my run while it was still cool. My run was still slow and I realized my legs were hurting from my workout on Sunday, but at least I ran the whole 3.86km. That was it for me for exercise today as it was massage day.


I am working on a basketweave mini blanket and am loving how it’s looking. I made it up so casted in 200 stitches, have four border stitches on each side and using four stitches per pattern element. I just hope I have enough yarn to make it big enough not to look weird!

Podcast/ Reading/ Listening:

I listened to my very first podcast this morning as I was knitting. It was the Marathon Training Academy and I really enjoyed it!

I also have been reading an ARC and listening to Portrait of a Lady in LibriVox. I highly recommend this book so far- it’s been keeping my interest really well!


With going away, I’m trying to get all my food dealt with. I made another batch of raspberry jam today. That will be my last of raspberry jam for this year. I got 15 jars though so I should have enough for the year and some gifting.

I also canned some pickled tomatoes. They were really easy and I had all of the ingredients. I just didn’t want my tomatoes to go bad. I realized afterwards I should have made Greek Salad and taken it with me!


This afternoon was taken up with a massage, a nap and packing (which I hate doing). Thankfully me reward is trivia.

It was just Jacqueline and I at trivia tonight. Out of 71 questions, I knew:

The child actor in Different Strokes?

Gary Coleman

Who was the director of toys in James Bond?


Where was Melrose Place set?

Los Angeles

What prescription drug was tested on dogs?


What was the one word used in donkey kong?


What is equal to 4 quarts?

1 gallon

What country does it border India?


Who played Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman

What is the best selling car in Canada last year?

Honda Civic

What is the smallest US state?

Rhode Island

Which Canuck had the most penalty points?

Gino Odjick

What is the most common thing people yell after a knock on the door?

Who is it?

What show has had the most Broadway shows?

Phantom of the Opera

Well I just found out I have to go home and unpack and repack with warmer clothes- looks like it’s going to rain the whole time I’m away. Hopefully I’ll get some WiFi so I can make room for new pictures. (Any suggestions on what kind of pictures I should delete? Food, knitting, scenery, gf/df products- what don’t you guys care about?)

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Timelines Help

  1. I wish I were more of a runner. I’m a walker. I usually walk 20,000 steps a day! But I can’t seem to pick up the pace! Lol

    I wish I could knit, my sister is amazing at it and she tried to teach me buuuut…. 🤷‍♀️

    How cool is that that you make your own jam?! #lifegoals

    Seriously, You pretty much do everything I wish I could do!

    1. Lol oh there are plenty of things I wish I could do- like any sport- there is absolutely no hand and eye co-ordination in my genes.
      I was going to ask if you live on the west coast that you were in Victoria?

  2. No hand and eye coordination in your genes- we definitely share this😁 Walking is pretty much the only exercise I can do without putting my own or other people’s life in danger! Love the photo, the path looks so beautiful. I don’t track the distance (I really should), just know it takes me 1hr 45 mins – am curious now!

    1. Yup I stick to running because nobody else relies on my ability but me!
      The path is nice, but I’ll be happy to have more choice again.

  3. Hmmmm…what if you go back to your oldest posts and start deleting pics from there? That way all the most recent onces are still there. I feel like people are more likely to look at newer posts as opposed to old ones? Just a thought!

    1. Oh it felt like it was easier this week than it was last week!
      Yup I love me some raspberry jam, but don’t worry I plan on giving some as gifts and not eating 15 jars of jam this next year

  4. I am so bad at packing. Even as an adult I have to write a list and give it to my mom and she fixes it and then I have to stick to it 😂 😂 Left to my own devices I can pack a whole giant suitcase for 3 days when my mom could only pack a backpack 😂

    Why do you have to delete pictures?!?! I only ever delete duplicate pictures and then I have an external hard drive that I use to store everything!

    1. Aren’t moms awesome?!?! When I was a kid my mom would give me one bag grocery bag per day. Now I find it easiest to pick a colour and pack things that go with that colour.
      Wordpress keeps telling me I’m out of room for pictures:(

  5. Have a great trip! It always feels so good to put food up for future. I did pickled bets on Monday and pitted cherries yesterday and today. It is a good feeling to have them in the freezer.🙂

  6. sounds like a productive day. glad you got all your canning done and now can enjoy your homemade jam all year

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