I rode in all of them, but not in this order.


I got up and got a very wet 4.8km done this morning, first thing. The rain was bouncing off the sidewalk so I really didn’t want to go, but did it anyways. I’ve done 77km so far this month so I’m not going to worry too much if I miss a couple of days while on holidays.


I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. I had to hunt down an umbrella for my walk to the train station as it was still bucketing down. The sky train sure does make it easier to get downtown.

From the train, I hopped on a float plane to get to Nanaimo. This is definitely my favourite way to get across the strait!!! We were right below the clouds! As well, it seems Harbor Air doesn’t hire anyone who isn’t good looking- the view was quite enjoyable!😜

In Nanaimo I met my mom and after a quick lunch at Noodlebox, we hopped in the car and took off North.

We drove straight through to Campbell River, about 2 hours and made a quick stop there before finishing off the last 2 hours to get to Port McNeill.

We had dinner right on the water at Gus’ Pub and it was super good! We are staying the night at the Black Bear Resort because it was the one place we could get two nights at!


Before I left I made a list of knitting stores and we decided to stop at the one in Campbell River on the way up. It’s called the Needle and Arts Centre and is located at 990 Shoppers Row.

The store was large and beautiful and had a ton of yarn in it. It also had a good amount of buttons and knitting books. I had never seen this before, but it also had lots of knitting kits- came with the pattern and the yarn to do it with. Some of the yarn was so wonderfully soft!!!If I lived in Campbell River I would be super happy to have this yarn shop available to me, however as a tourist, I came out with nothing. The store did not carry any local yarn, nor did it have a sale basket- the two things I usually buy. I also felt like everything in the store was something I could get elsewhere or could order online. It is worth a stop, but don’t expect anything unique.


I’ve been quite good today- not with the food, but the amount.

Breakfast- raspberries

Lunch- 1/3 of spicy peanut noodles

Dinner- 1 order or bam bam shrimp. This was amazing! The coating was done with cornmeal and Thai chili sauce- so good!

Well, I’ve deleted photos, knitted four afghan pattern repeats and now I’m going to sleep!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

      1. My published poem…has something to do with train, boat or plane. I say a similar thing. We have similar views on travelling. I will go anyway I can!

  1. The weather is fractious everywhere it seems – rain makes things such a downer, but you made the most of it anyway. This sounds like a knitter’s paradise.

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