It was the day to head south on the island, but I had a list of all of the knitting stores, muhahaha


Before I forget, I finished my latest ARC last night, What I Like About You by Kait Nolan.

This is the story of Sebastian and Laurel. Laurel is a driven, head of her law class student who is not happy, while Sebastian is hiding out on his friend’s farm rehabbing horses. They meet at her brother’s wedding and both of their worlds are changed forever.

This story had a very fast pace which kept me moving through the chapter easily.

The characters are multidimensional, interesting and complimentary to each other.

I really liked how the drama wasn’t over the top and was worked out quickly and rationally.

This story also has a lot of action and minimal head games.

Overall it was an awesome read!

We set off right after breakfast to head back home. Our first stop was in the Comox/ Courtney area. We had been here about thirteen years ago for my brother’s wedding, but had done the quilt shops rather than the knitting stores.

We started with Uptown Yarns. This was located on a really cute shopping street, though beware you have to walk down a hallway to get there as it is behind the store on the street. I was super excited as they had a few sale baskets right out front that were well stocked! Jen was there working and was super helpful and kind. She didn’t make a weird face even when I admitted I had a budget to stick to that didn’t include $150 skeins. The store was nice and bright, well laid out, had lots of beautiful sample knits, and had a large selection by a local spinner/ dyer. I ended up with some local buttons, Biscotte Yarn and Berrocco Modern Cotton. I was super happy!

We then had lunch at The Union Street Grill and Grotto. We wanted to sit down so went into the grill, but it says the Grotto has the same menu but is just counter serve and take away. We ended up sharing their oyster tapas and fish tacos tapas.

The food was lovely presented, but wasn’t anything special. The taco was awkward and had too much filling for the small corn tortilla so everything kept falling out. I also thought the oysters had too much batter on them. It came as a shock as neither my mom nor I thought that fried meant deep fried. It was very neat to have so many gluten free and dairy free options ( I had an entire 3 page menu). I also didn’t love how they seated all the diners in one section, we were suddenly surrounded by people. It’s a good place for gluten free options in the Courtenay area though:)

From here, we drove to the second knitting store in the area, called The Village Yarn Shoppe. This was also in a very cute pedestrian-friendly shopping area. This store was much larger than the other and had tons of yarn! It had several sale bins, but mostly of yarn, I wouldn’t buy. It had a small selection from two local spinners/dyers. One of which features rabbit fur from her pet rabbits.The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful here as well. I ended up with some Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine in two different colours. I am wanting to build up my stash to have more colours in yarns. The ladies here were my kind of people as well as they pointed me in the direction of the gelato store across the street.

Benino Gelato was a huge gelato store inside and out. I saw that it also served paninis, soup, etc. I had the raspberry lemonade and they had about 8 fruit options that were dairy free. My mom had apple chai and panne cotta gelato that she refused to tell me how good they were🤣

We tried to stop at the next wool shop on the list, The Wool Shop in Parksville, however, it has disappeared:(. I later learned it just closed at the end of June as the proprietor was 86 years old. I think everyone is entitled to retire by that age:) Good thing I at least got a glimpse of my absolute favourite beach!

We stopped in at Mad About Ewe in Nanaimo. This store has a beautiful website, however when we got there, a local transformer had blown due to a heron flying into it, so for the first time, I bought yarn in the dark. They had some absolutely gorgeous yarns and some locally done. They seemed to have a wide variety from all over the world and lots of samples made up. I ended up with Berrocco Linsey in two colours for market bags and some Kimera in a cool blue variegated. The workers here were upbeat and positive and dealing with the situation so well! They also told me about how they had been dyeing their own yarn. It was so cool!

We’ve made it home to the boat and been sitting resting, of course I’m also knitting. As I sit here I’m wondering how I’m going to get all this new yarn home, but also thinking I should check out the knitting store here in Ladysmith🤣

Well I’m off to bed, the boat always makes me sleepy.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Starting the Journey Home (via Knitting Stores)

  1. How marvelous that you enjoyed shopping in several yarn shops! We took a visiting friend to several yarn shops in Asheville, and I had a great time watching her pick out a few things. She chose several local yarns to take home.

    1. I amazingly didn’t come home with anything local, but still really enjoyed looking. Maybe I’ll get to do one more today

  2. Looks like a wonderful haul! Hope you have a wonderful time working with all that yummy yarn.
    Too bad you just missed that one shop that closed. I wonder if the proprietor didn’t find an heir to continue their business.

    1. Oh I’m so glad my blog could help! I would love to see the story in light! The women were super knowledgeable about lots of different things- quivet, dyeing, etc.

  3. I love the alpaca colors!! Finding knit shops that disappear is getting to be more common. Sad to see it happen. But there are still a good number near me, thank goodness

      1. Yup. I’m trying to stay home and be frugal this week, but everyone keeps inviting g me out🤣

  4. sounds like another great day. does your mom knit too and is she buying yarn as well? glad you were able to find some places that he things you enjoyed even if the food wasn’t up to par

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