It was time to come back to reality and let my parents return to their normal schedule.

I grabbed a flight first thing this morning and made it back in time for tea with my running buddies, though not without a little train drama:( Note to self- they do track maintenance before ten on Sunday mornings.

After a lovely tea where I caught up on all the news- a holiday, a broken foot and a family crisis, I settled in at home.


I finished the book, Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. This is the story of Olive and Ethan. Through many misinterpretations they have remained enemies for the past three years, until a ghastly family wedding leads to them going on the honeymoon trip together. Thankfully what happens in Maui doesn’t stay in Maui!

I loved this book! I started it yesterday and could barely put it down. The characters were funny and realistic and I was rooting for them from the start.

The plot had a great pace and was hilarious without being super unrealistic. I even laughed out loud and grinned a few times.

It had romance in it for sure, but was on the sweeter, rather than steamier side.

This would be an excellent book to take to the beach, though you may get sunburned as you’ll get so engrossed you’ll forget to reapply the sunscreen.🤣


I have finished all the yarn I had for the baby afghan. Right now it is 54″ by 21″. The question is do I rip it out and make it 27″ square or do I go buy another ball of yarn( assuming I can still find it)?


It was also back to reality for exercising. It was super hot so I didn’t end up running, but went for a walk around the inlet and did a Lyndsay workout.

My workout had a warm up of skipping, jogging, arm circles, leg swings and running man.

I then did 45 second sets of:

Lateral step ups – right and left

Up downs

Lunges – right and left

Mountain climbers

Jumping jacks

Tricep dips

Squat jacks

Plank jacks


Pop jacks

Twisting mountain climbers

A tabata of burpees and mogul skier.

Then 30 seconds each of:

Alternating v ups

Plank hip dips

Straight leg raise to reverse crunch

Russian twists

Hopefully this will get me back into track after my lovely holiday.


Six crackers

Cucumber with vegan cheese

One seafood cannelloni shell

One ice cream cone

I’ll have to get back to more fruits and veggies now that I am home. I’ll need to take an inventory and maybe hit the grocery store at some point. I do better with an emptier fridge though so I don’t want to go crazy!

Otherwise I have had a nap and been listening once again to The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James on LibriVox. It has been nice to have a quiet day and I’m looking forward to my own bed tonight.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Returning Home

  1. A good day if a busy one! I love Henry James but I do like the sound of your amusing romance book, too! No idea on the knitting, does it have to be square?

    1. I have been super enjoying the Henry James book which I admit surprised me:)
      The romance book was great fluff!
      No it doesn’t have to be square, but it has to be longer than 21”

  2. Omg, that workout sounded hard to do after vacay, but you’re my hero for sticking with it. On the blankie, I’d try for another ball of yarn before resorting to frigging it. Let us know what you decide.

    1. Thanks for your opinion:) I love getting others opinions and I did end up finding another ball:)
      The workout was tough, but I needed to start somewhere

  3. Look for the yarn and if you can find it buy it. If you can’t find it, rip it back.
    Your book review was so good I stopped partway through reading this entry to request the book from the library.

    1. Oh I hope you like the book!
      I found the yarn and am knitting until it’s gone as I don’t want to have to add another skein to my stash count!

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