It was another great holiday day, though with a small worry in it:(


I headed out this morning and bought ten pounds of blueberries. I put them in the backseat so I wouldn’t eat them all before I got home, but I still put a sizeable hole in them. They’re just so good! I realized that I am very loyal when a place is good. I’ve been buying from Never Say Die nursery for a very long time. I’m going to have to try some of their eggs and other veggies as they looked so good!

I stopped on my way back from there at Amsterdam Nursery. I explained that my last cilantro plant must have come with a caterpillar and that he had eaten all but one leaf by the time I got home from holidays. I just wanted to know if it would regrow, but they gave me a new plant:). I also picked up a new lavender plant and got instructions on it too. I’m going to need to start putting labels on my plants as to when I’m supposed to water them! Amsterdam is definitely another place I am loyal to. There are closer nurseries but they have awesome customer service and are so helpful and knowledgeable!


I had just gotten home after dealing with construction in every direction when my nephew texted to see if we could check out another ice cream place. I had actually already taken him when he was a kid, but we went again. This is La Casa Gelato on Venables and it boasts 238 different flavors including garlic, wasabi, maple bacon, Caesar, and a whole ton more. They had a couple of freezers of sorbetto so I got to choose from them and ended up with orange crush and lemon iced tea. Gus had a triple scoop of three very yummy ones. We both agreed that it was neat to see all the flavors but was super expensive and the people weren’t all that nice. They had attitude:(

They did however have a lovely garden across the street where we could sit and eat our ice cream and they had a parking lot which I appreciated since parking in Vancouver can be tough to find.

I spent the afternoon after dropping Gus off reading, knitting, listening to a podcast and having a nap.


This morning I got out for a 4.85km run. It wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t wonderful either. It did help to keep in mind what I heard on the MTA podcast yesterday- you can’t be trying to lose weight and get faster at the same time. My focus is definitely on losing weight right now, so I’ll ease up on myself about being faster.

This evening I did end up going to the trail run clinic, but I viewed it as a hike rather than a run. We went 400m straight up and then ran down. Unfortunately even the running down was a little dicey as the terrain was super unstable. I found myself more relaxed with not thinking of it as a run:). The view at the top was beautiful!

Well I’m going to go back to veging on the couch.

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Trail Thursday

  1. Blueberries are yummy and full of antioxidants!❤❤❤
    Did I read it right? The ice cream place had Garlic Flavour???
    You have to be super careful when the terrain is like this- you did right to slow down- but the view was just gorgeous, thanks for uploading the photos!❤

    1. It’s a good thing blueberries are good for you because I’ll be eating a lot of them over the next little while. I may turn into Violet Beauregard from Willie Wonka🤣
      Yes this ice cream shop is known for their weird flavors. They had lots of others too, I just don’t remember what they were.
      The view was definitely magnificent!

  2. are you going to make blueberry jam too? I love blueberries. this is the first year we didn’t go pick blueberries, but they were available right before our trip and didn’t want to deal with freezing them or something else.

    glad you went on the trail and treated it as a hike… gets you out and moving and enjoying the trail without trying to make it a run and possibly hurting your knee more.

    some of those ice cream flavors would NOT be on my list of want to taste. I hate going places where the people who work there are snooty.

    1. I’m actually not going to make jam out of the blueberries, will just enjoy eating them:)
      I enjoyed it much more as a hike! The view at the top made the climb worthwhile, but wa happy not to be fretting about my pace.
      I’m not adventurous with my ice cream. I like it to taste good!

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to run! I also love local blueberries. I bought a pint from a local farm last night and my daughter asked if she could eat the whole thing by herself!

    1. It’s a gorgeous place to get outside but I was happy not to be thinking of it as a run as it was literally straight uphill and then straight downhill!
      I plan on eating a lot of blueberries🤣

  4. That’s awesome the nursery gave you another cilantro plant! Talk about great customer service.

    Ceasar flavored ice cream?! Who comes up with that haha. That’s annoying the people weren’t nice but at least you enjoyed time with your nephew.

    1. I was so impressed with the nursery- they also made sure I knew how to take care of the plants I brought home:)
      Ya I’m not adventurous with my ice cream- I want it sweet or tart and cold. I tried the Caesar and it tasted like a Caesar but I didn’t want to eat that!

      1. That’s amazing! Reading about how to take care of them online is one thing but to have a pro tell you is even better.
        I wouldn’t want to eat a scoop of it but I would definitely taste it just to see how it was.

      2. Yes it’s nice to talk to someone who knows our conditions:)
        I was the same- I had to try it, but didn’t want a scoop of it

      3. I didn’t even think about how plant care would change in different climates. Obviously it would but it’s one of those things that a plant novice like me wouldn’t think about until the plant was dead haha.

      4. Yes and even the weather we’re having right now is affecting the plants. It’s so humid that they need less watering

      5. Interesting! I would have thought it was the opposite since humidity usually means heats. At least that’s how it is for me but could be different near you

      6. Lol that’s okay, I know nothing about other climates either! Have a difficult enough time just figuring out my own🤣

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