If you don’t like knitting you may want to stop reading now as that’s all I’ve done today.


20 minutes of yoga and some ab exercises. I slept for twelve hours straight so by the time I woke up, it was just too late to go.


I have been very good today since I was out yesterday and will be out again tomorrow. I’m trying to think of that 80/20 ratio for the week as a whole, which means only four meals a week can be out of the ordinary.

Today I had: a sausage patty, blueberries, cucumbers with cheese.


I have had enough of this blanket and so just want to get it done. I have literally spent most of the day on my deck knitting away. It was too hot in the house with the blanket over me, but being in the shade with a nice breeze on my balcony made it the perfect temperature to have the blanket on me as I knit away. I have one more pattern to go and then bind off, so I should be able to show it off tomorrow.

For something interesting though, I’ll tell you about some of my favourite knitting items.

1) Addi Turbo needles.

I inherited a lot of knitting needles so really don’t need to buy any very often, however when I do, they are always Addi Turbo. I love how smooth and light they are and the ends are not so pointy that my fingers start hurting!

2) interesting stitch markers

I bought myself a set of stitch markers at the last Knit City that had a Hogwarts theme. I use the largest one as a start of round marker and it makes me smile every time. I also like the stitch markers that are made out of silicon as they are pliable and don’t hurt when I end up holding them in my hand.

3) Ravelry

I love being able to keep track of all of my projects in one place and being able to search so many patterns! I do wish you could make the projects you’ve already done exempt from the search though as I always seem drawn to the same ones. I suppose that’s why I made it in the first place.

I also keep meaning to put all my needles onto ravelry so that when I see some on sale, I can tell whether I need them, though I probably don’t.

I also like that I’ve started putting my stash on Ravelry. It makes it easy to see what I already have when I’m at the store.

4) Knitty

I love this online knitting magazine. I always seem to find at least one pattern that I want to make and as I write this, I’m thinking I should make that a goal one year- make all the Knitty patterns I like!

5) Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC)

This is a group on Ravelry that I belong to. Each month there are about eight “classes” that you have homework for. I mostly do a project and then figure out which class it will work for. I love this group not so much for earning points or getting the house cup, but for the fact it gives me some ideas and guidelines for what to make each month. I just love being busy and this helps me decide what to knit next:)

6) Project/ Supply Bags

I am always on the lookout for cute bags to hold my supplies and projects. Lately I picked up a cute little bag for my needles in Alert Bay. I have a super cute bag for my stitch markers that says “I’ve got 99 Stitch Markers and I can’t Find One.” It definitely makes me smile! My favourite project bag right now says “It’s all fun and games until the yarn runs out”- so true!

I know that I could go on forever about knitting items, but I’ll stop before I bore anyone to sleep. If you have a favourite knitting item, I’d love to hear about it!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Knit Saturday

    1. Sorry it’s quite small so i couldn’t get a clear picture of it. It’s silver and has an outline of the house and says Hogwarts.

  1. Your knitting post is never boring for me, you can go on and on…😄 What a great ideas you have! I signed up for Ravelry a while ago but haven’t used much. I should look into it and see how I can organize my knitting projects and knitting items. Thank you, Aj💫🥂

    1. I do have the tendency to go on and on about knitting 🤣. I love having stuff on Ravelry because I can then see it when I’m out in a store and don’t have to pretend that I’m going to remember🤣

  2. It really is the “tools” as much as the yarn that makes knitting so much fun:)
    I second happytonic! Can you show us your Hogwarts stitch markers:)
    I have lots of inherited knitting needles too but the quality of the newer needles is so much better. Smooth joins and just the right point make all the difference:)

    1. I will try to get a good picture today during the day. I was having no luck last night.
      Yes! Between the tools and the yarn, I’m in my happy place! I have some needles I dread using as the needle is too sharp and I end up with a very sore finger:(

    1. Lol I have current projects in some and future projects in others and some end up being used for other things. They’re just such cute ones out there that I can’t stop buying them

  3. sounds like a good day for you. hope you finish your blanket soon and can move onto another project

  4. Love your knitting posts! Looking forward to seeing your blanket done, and glad to hear it is going well for you 🙂 Would also love to see your HP stitch markers and other toys!

      1. Lol yup you think oh I’ll just have a quick look and four hours later you wonder where the time went!

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