It was a lovely day, not just because the sun was out all day:)


My run this morning once more turned into a walk, but mainly because I wanted to hear the news from my friend with the broken foot and the two who just returned from holidays. They walk at a good pace so I didn’t mind a 5km walk over a run.

I did get another workout in this evening. It consisted of:

30 jumping jacks,20 lunges,10 plié squats

30 butt kicks, 20 crunches, 10 pushups

30 mountain climbers,20 bicycles, 10 reverse crunches

30 skaters, 20 high knees, workout supermen

30 sec front plank, 20 second right side plank, 20 second left side plank, 10 second reverse plank.

Then you repeat all of it again.

I liked this workout as I repeated each round twice before moving on so while it seemed to go fast, I also didn’t need to go back through it again:)


After a quick change I drove downtown to meet my friend Em who just arrived back from a trip to Ireland. We were supposed to be going to Festal, but was shocked to find they were closed! They need to update their website! So today I ate:

A kind bar

A Crispy Kalamari Caesar at Meet Gastown. This is an awesome vegetarian restaurant that has lots of gluten free and dairy free options. Their calamari was made out of oyster mushrooms and their Caesar salad also had kale in it. It was super yummy!

I highly recommend Meet if you’re in Vancouver. They have about four locations and I so wish they would open another one closer to me!

A red pepper with hummus, 2 crackers and some blueberries.


We shopped our way back to Em’s place. We both had the most luck at the Joe Fresh stand-alone store. I was super happy to find a pair of kids aviator sunglasses as I’ve been wanting a pair of sunglasses that are a little more dressy than the ones I currently have. I also found a new running shirt and a cute dress!


The rest of the night has been spent finishing up the blanket. This definitely ended up being a much bigger project than I had planned on, but at least it’s done and I think it’s a good size for a lap blanket.

I had to play yarn chicken and ended up taking apart a provisional cast on I had done for another project.

This blanket has 200 stitches across on size 4 needles. Four border stitches, 48 sets of 4 pattern stitches (knit 4, purl 4), and then another four border stitches. I did four rows of k4,p4, then four rows of p4,k4. Four garter rows at the start and end. The yarn used is just Red Heart Comfort and boy am I glad to get this out of my stash!

Oh and for those of you who wanted to see my stitch markers. They really aren’t that exciting, but I like them:)

I included my silicon stitch markers too as I now have about ten different colours. I like a different colour for each place so I don’t have to try to differentiate between them.

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. the blanket looks really good, but I know you are glad to be done with it. glad you had a good day. I agree that a good clipped walk with conversation is always a good thing.

  2. My Sunday was airplanes and airports and finally home! And a lot of sewing, so I guess it was a good day, even though I didn’t spend much of it out in the sun.

    1. Thank you! I was happy in the long run though I don’t think it’s going to work for the baby project it started out as🤣

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