The to-do list ruled my day and even for me, it was a long one!


I had people coming over this afternoon so got busy this morning getting my house cleaned and tidied. I should have people over more often- it would probably stay cleaner!


I got out for a 3km run this morning and it felt really good. I wasn’t pushing myself or worried about pace- just plodding along, which of course, meant I did better than normal. I did a total of 124.1km this month and have caught up on my monthly goal. I’ve actually gotten an extra 6km done and am hoping to do a little extra in August too to ease my September which is usually crazy busy!

I got a walk in this evening just because it was beautiful!


I’m out with friends tomorrow and needed to do some baking, especially for Sally’s Monthly Baking Challenge which for July was no-Bake cheesecake. I really wasn’t sure how the cheesecake was going to turn out since I had to make it vegan, so I made some mini blueberry tarts first.

The cheesecake did turn out well and was super easy. I took one block of vegan cream cheese and mixed it with a tablespoon of lemon, the zest of a lemon, a teaspoon of vanilla, two tablespoons of sour cream and mixed it until it was smooth. I then mixed in a container of coco whip and poured it over a base of one cup of gluten free graham cracker crumbs mixed with two tablespoons vegan butter spread. On top of the cheesecake layer I made a blueberry sauce and did a layer of that. Blueberry sauce is so easy to make and only takes nine minutes! Put two cups of blueberries in a saucepan along with 1/3 cup sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla. In a small dish combine one tablespoon corn starch with two teaspoons water. Heat the blueberry mix over medium heat, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves- about five minutes. Then mix in the cornstarch and stir until thickened- about three minutes. I threw a piece of mint on top of the cheesecake just so I could use more herbs from my garden:). I tested their recipe out on my friends this afternoon and they both said it was super yummy!

I’ll let you know what my friends tomorrow say.


I had to get all my yarn off my floor and put away today. I did end up being able to separate each weight into a separate box, though the worsted is actually in a garbage bag for now.

I had offered to teach my friend’s daughter to knit. I used to have a knitting club at school and have missed this element of my life this year.

I can’t believe how quickly Tavia caught on. She already had seven rows done in less than an hour! It would seem that she is a natural.

I also got some more of my summer tee done. I’m onto the endless stockinette in the round, so am watching movies as I knit forever!


Today was supposed to be a super careful eating day, but trying the treats threw that out:(

I had a cheese omelette for breakfast, a poke bowl for lunch and mini tarts and cheesecake for dinner. I had to make sure I wasn’t going to poison anyone!

I was so happy to see that the poke bowl I’ve been eyeing was on sale, that I bought it without checking it out. Turned out it just had two packages of tuna and two packages of poke sauce in it and the poke sauce had gluten in it. Thankfully I discovered that before I ate it! I made a poke sauce and had one of the packages of tuna along with half an avocado. Yum!

Back to knitting!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “The To Do List

    1. Lol that’s what I was telling Tavia before she started, but she’s seriously picked it up better than anyone else I’ve seen!
      Soap is good- we all need soap and I’m always in awe of those pretty ones:)

  1. cheesecake sounds good about now.

    I think it is cool that you are teaching your friend’s daughter to knit. what a great skill to share with someone

    1. It was good! Glad there’s only one more mini one for today!
      I love teaching kids to knit and have done so since my first year of teaching:)

    1. Haha I didn’t think of it that way, but I hope you’re right! I’ll definitely have to limit how often I make this cheesecake!

  2. Those cheesecakes came out looking quite delicious!

    And how nice that you are teaching your friends daughter how to knit… very nice!

  3. Those blueberry cheesecake tarts look incredibly good!!😋

    I desperately need to clean our apartment floor, but I don’t have my swiffer at the apartment and all I have is like a straw broom….which basically just flings the dirt and crumbs instead of gathering it lol I need to just go pick it up from my parents house, but I just keep forgetting!

    I just brought my yarn bowl and my crochet project to the apartment! So hopefully I’ll get to work on it some soon!

    1. Oh I was just thinking the other day of getting a swiffer wet jet to do my floors with. Do you like yours?
      Yes let the crochet begin!:)

      1. Ok that’s what I was hoping! I don’t feel like I have enough floor to drag out the mop and bucket!

  4. My house is scary looking, been so busy with work, and all the house issues have left me no time and I decided I need a “me day” … so off I went, but not proud of myself in the least. Maybe I need to invite someone over – hmmm.

      1. I adapted that attitude big time this weekend – next weekend for sure, but with our erratic weather, when it is nice and sunny I’m giddy to get out. When we had normal weather, we got it done as we didn’t feel the need to get out as who knows when it will be nice again.

      2. You for sure need to take advantage of the nice weather. We’re supposed to be super hot this week so I may be curtailed by that!

      3. We are super hot today and humid like a sauna bath – ugh. An unsettled week and cooler by Friday. I hate being curtailed because shorter days and snow are only a few months down the pipeline. And you soon will be getting ready for a return to school.

      4. I can’t think “snow” yet – we had a sauna bath this morning – thank goodness for the tiny breeze drifting by or I’d have melted on the trail.

      5. Yes we are having a storm or two every night which will wipe out this horrid heat and humidity we’ve been enduring. It cannot come fast enough for me. I have been so busy at work that I’m extremely behind here in WP – not happy about it and hope the siege is soon over.

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