Well yesterday I set off on a girl’s weekend with two friends from work.

I ran around like a headless chicken before we left as there always seems to be too much to do!

I was driving and we made the decision to go to a further border crossing instead of waiting in line at the near one. It turned out to be a great idea as there were only two cars ahead of us and I got to see scenery I hadn’t before.

We drove with only one stop to the Tulalip outlets. We spent a couple of hours shopping. I bought a pair of shorts and a skirt from J Crew that have the cutest scalloped edge. Lyndsay won for buying the most though.

Before leaving the outlets we had happy hour at RAM. Wow they give a lot of food here. I was under the impression that I would choose either veggies, naan or tortilla chips with my hummus but it came with all three!! It was fine, but just Costco hummus.

We carried on and found our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, right downtown without too many problems. We changed and then headed out to have a look around. Lyndsay and Corianne really wanted to dance, but we never did find anywhere. We went to Purple which was quite the wine bar. The menu is actually a binder full of information about wines. I had a glass of very sweet wine there. It was okay, but nothing to write home about.

We then moved onto the Triple Doors which we were told had live music. It did but not really dance music. It was still nice and their curry fries were amazing!

We then wandered around, but didn’t find anything else to check out. By the time we finally got back to the hotel, my feet were cut up by my shoes:(

I went straight to bed as I was beyond tired!

Well, I’m going to read my book until everyone else wakes up and we start another day:)

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Start of an Adventure

  1. Lucky you! You’re going to have a great trip!

    I’ve been to the outlets in Tulalip and they have a LOT of shops with great discounts. My significant other and I raided the Le Creuset shop and got something like 80% off on one of their cast iron pots!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! How cool that you live near the US/Canada border and in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! The scenery alone must be amazing:)! (And your side of the border is the one with Health Care:)!!)
    Joan aka FSK

  3. Sounds fun! Is it hard to get across the border, like lots of searching and waiting? I’m always the one reading in my hotel room unless I go away with Ali, in which case we’re next door to each other, reading away!

    1. There can be very long lineups sometimes and they can search your car and you if they want. A car two ahead of us got searched by the dogs, but most of the time they just want to know here you’re from, where you’re going and what your plan is. On the way back they want to know hat you bought as there’s limits to what you can bring back

  4. You have had so many adventures this Summer – I am very behind in Reader due to a large work project that has kept me here late many nights. Are you fulfilling all your Summer bucket list items as you near the start time for school?

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