A holiday coming to an end is always tough!


Lyndsay and I got out this morning for a run. Seattle has a beautiful path along the water. Just head down to the water and it seems to run the whole way. I did about 7.2km while Lyndsay did almost the whole 10.8. It was gorgeous, cool, busy and it felt great!

This evening I went for my usual walk around the inlet:) It was truly a spectacular evening.


After our run we got cleaned up and went in search of breakfast. We finally ended up at the Heart and Hunter in the Palihotel. I have to say that we’ve been super unimpressed with the service in Seattle and this place was no different. I ended up with fruit salad as that’s all they had that was gluten free and dairy free and it turned out to be just apple, banana and grapes. I have never seen such a monochromatic fruit salad before! This and tea cost me $13 and took over an hour to get and consume! I wasn’t impressed! Then the waiter took my Visa card and then proceeded to wander around doing every other job before coming back with my credit card:( Ugh I’m looking forward to having my own kitchen back!


We got checked out and headed home. It was a quiet trip as both my passengers napped. It was lovely until just north of Seattle my check engine light and VSC lights came on. All of my gauges stayed normal so I continued, but worried the whole way home:(

After a stop at Trader Joe’s we got home without incident:)


I finished The Marquis she’s been Waiting For by Ella Quinn today.

What an excellent book! Lady Dorie is a strong woman with a lot of knowledge of how t run a household and an estate. Alex, Lord Exeter, has absolutely no knowledge, but just wants Dorie as a wife. Dorie is holding out for a love match, but perhaps during her lessons to him, they can both get what they want.

I loved the characters in this story. Dorie is a strong, capable woman who is not afraid to wait for what she wants. I also liked how Alex recognized her strengths and valued them.

The family was lovely as well!

This is definitely a sweet, rather than steamy read, but well worth reading if you enjoy historical romances. I am curious about the other books in the series, but this can definitely be read as a stand-alone.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

It must have been a reading day because I finished a second ARC called One Summer Weekend by Shannon Stacey.

The story of Carly and Noah. They have been friends forever, but while Carly is protecting Noah’s back- they may become more.

This story was super quick and cute! The perfect read for a day at the beach!

The friends to lovers plot line was well done and completely convincing! It also had a super cute HEA scene. I loved how it had an epilogue to let the reader know what happened later too.

Thanks to Shannon Stacey, Carina Press and NetGalley for the free ARC in e change for an honest review.

I am so exhausted that I’m off to bed! I will tackle pictures tomorrow as I missed be able to share what I was seeing with you all.

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Returning Home and Reading Galore

  1. Wow – lots of reading, how brilliant. Sorry they were a bit crap with service in Seattle, though. Has always seemed like a laid-back but hipsterish place so I would assume they’d manage dietary requirements. Hm.

  2. The photo was spectacular- looking forward to the ones that are coming with your next post.
    That was a lot of reading. You are on a roll!👍My mum is a big fan of historical romances, but I tend to go for them only if there’s a lot of humour. Otherwise, I’ll just giggle my way through the steamy scenes, which is probably not the intended effect😁

  3. That’s so annoying about the waiter! I get you aren’t the only table they have but if you have someone’s card I would want to give it back to them just to ensure I don’t lose it.

    1. Oh I would still call my girls weekend a good experience. I’m used to having trouble with food now so I do t let it get to me:)

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