It was a quiet morning, but that was quite lovely.


I didn’t really want to go running and didn’t feel like it was going great when I was out there, but I did get 3.5km in at a decent speed, so we’ll call that a success.

I also did a quick workout I found on Instagram in the late morning. 30 sumo squats, 30 walking lunges, 80 high knees, 30 bridges, 40 curtsy lunges and 40 jumping jacks. I probably should have done it at least 1-2 more times, but I didn’t.


I spent some time knitting in circles and am in the hip area of my sweater so will hopefully be done soon!


As I was knitting I listened to a couple of episodes of Marathon Training Academy and once again quite enjoyed it. Does anyone know of a good knitting podcast?


I had car trouble on my way home from my trip so went by the mechanic today to find out what was wrong. It’s unfortunately the knock sensor which means the car won’t quit on me but will drive horribly and cost a lot to fix because the engine has to be pulled to get at it:(😖😖😖


After a lovely massage I took myself off to trivia. It was a fun group of five tonight. What I knew:

Who sang I Don’t Dance?

Lee Brice

What is the first name of Nobel?


Who is the richest man in the world?

Mark Bezoz

What number did Pavel Bute wear other than 10?


Who played Princess Laia in Star Wars?

Carrie Fisher

Which European country, other than Russia, has the greatest population?


Which colour is missing from the rainbow in this list: yellow, green, red, violet, blue, orange


Who plays guitar for The Rolling Stones?

Keith Richards

Put these people in order oldest to youngest. Hirohito, Ivan the Terrible, Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, Ivan the Terrible, Hirohito

What money is used in Mexico?


Which country foes Sergio Garcia come from?


Well I’m going to go read my new book!

32 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #17

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your car. At least the car isn’t complete shot though! Sometimes you just have to find the silver lining in situations like that.

    Those trivia questions would good!

    1. Yup and I’m thankful I live simply so the bill won’t crush me!
      The trivia was so fun last night as we had a really good group

      1. That’s a great thing too! It’s always good to have extra money put away for things like this as well.
        I’m glad you have fun! I hope we can get a group of friends together for things like this once we move.

      2. The people make all the difference! I’m sure you’ll meet new people quickly- dogs are definitely good for that:)

    1. I hate dealing with anything like that!! I am thankful I have a good mechanic who makes it at least bearable.
      Yes the day was a perfect summer chilling day:)

  2. You have a great memory for trivia. I would forget all the questions and only remember my answers. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy a better car than put more money into one. We learned that the hard way recently.

      1. I have to tell you that I got up this morning and felt it but just a weariness from all the walking, not shin splints thankfully. I’ve gotten shin splints in the past simply from it being a beautiful day, usually in early Spring or late Fall, and kept on walking and walking. The Fairlane Estate was 1,300 acres alone and I walked everywhere I go to explore their many gardens … they are renovating it as it is a historical site where Henry Ford and his wife lived for many years … parts of the estate grounds and the actual home have been underoing renovations for 5 years and expected to be done in 2020.
        So I walked all over there and you had to pay attention as many of the steps to get from one place to another were slate or fashioned of natural stone so uneven and if it wasn’t that, you had to go down and up rolling hills – good cardio workout! Today a short walk in my regular stomping grounds then pay attention to the yard/house – I have been so busy the last six weeks and then I had hurt my finger six weeks ago, so not done a good job at all – but I put myself ahead of the yard and housework as I’ve had to stay many nights late at work when I normally would be working on blog stuff, like writing posts, or sorting my pics or catching up on Reader. If the weather was good on the weekends, except for the really hot and oppressive weekend, I went out.
        I hope the onslaught of work will die down – I don’t like devoting all my “me time” to work and my boss asked me two weeks ago to work on this project all weekend and I said I’d stay late at night instead … I valued my weekend time and needed it.
        His wife has a family cottage in Wiarton Ontario and they have gone there five long weekends from Memorial Day through now and he’ll be going somewhere else next weekend, so I have no free time (I don’t get vacation time as I only work six hours a day … supposedly) so I said “no” … the older I get, the more I value my “me time”.

      2. That estate sounds awesome! I love wandering around old houses and their grounds!
        I’m glad you put yourself ahead of the house and yard and I hope the endless work ends soon!

      3. It was very nice AJ and I was sorry when I realized I had covered the entire estate grounds and there was nothing more to see. I’d like to go back when the restoration is over and check out the inside. I am glad I put myself first too – I went on a walk at my regular park this morning and came home and was more in tune with doing it after my “me day” – I am hopeful we slow down and soon. I don’t like this schedule at all, but I did try to preserve my weekends so figured working every night would be better.

    1. Yes I’m putting off that repair bill as long as possible!!!
      I really don’t know much when you think of how many questions are asked, but it is a really fun night out!

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