I am off on another short adventure. I knew I wasn’t having a big holiday this summer so it’s nice I get a few small ones.


I had a list this morning and got a few things done before my running buddies were ready. It did work a little better that I told Sarah if I didn’t hear from her by ten am I was just going out for a run on my own. We did a short run around the inlet and got 4.2km in. I’m glad I had the auto pause on so my pace didn’t plummet too badly. I am only 0.4km off of where I should be right now for the month. Not bad!


I knit like crazy last night but didn’t quite get the sweater finished, but I did manage to finish it up this morning. It was very long and lean when done and I’m wondering if I should have refrained from blocking it and just let it loosen up as I wore it, but I blocked it🤣

I’m figuring that large white stripe must be from where I added the second skein. Oh well, hopefully it won’t show up too much. I looked at a couple of different sweater patterns, but mainly figured this out on my own and if you’re curious you can read all my notes on my Ravelry page. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to wear it!

I have already decided to work my way through a pattern book I had bought two years ago. It is for skinny yarn, of which I have lots and I like 9 of the 21 projects in the book, so it should keep me busy for a while:)


This afternoon I headed out on the train to downtown so I could take a float plane over to the island. The plan is to visit my parents for two nights then my mom and I will work our way down the island knitting stores to visit my brother for a night or two. I’ll then go home.

So far I have enjoyed vegan cheese, garlic sausage and pickles and a glass of wine with my mom while availing myself of their WiFi:)

A good start to any holiday!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Off Again

  1. sounds like it will be a good visit for you and your mom. the sweater looks great. glad you were able to finish it up

      1. It would be neat- maybe I could pick one of my books at a time just like I do with my cookbooks so I could make sure I really use them

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