My mom and I discovered that none of the knitting stores were open today so we had to come up with another plan.

My mom had told me a while ago about Westwood Lake in Nanaimo. We found it by feel and there was a very easy parking lot.

We set off to the left and made our way around the lake. It’s a gorgeous trail that only has three hills!

I am hoping to run around here one day. There were lots of people out, but I would definitely go out towards the right from the parking lot as it can be a little tricky to find the path coming around that way. This would be a great walk for anyone!

We had a lovely dinner out and I’m experiencing my parents continuous company right now.

By the way I started the day by breaking the toilet and ended the day by breaking the car door so I may be asked to vacate the premises quite soon.

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Westwood Lake

    1. Yes I’m glad I remembered that walk. Realized another thing we could have done at the end of the day, but the walk was enough

    1. They do- my mom has promised I won’t have to walk the plank:). I always have that thought about you and John and your grandsons

  1. ugh! I’m sure your parents won’t kick you out, but they might bubble wrap the house before you arrive next time. sorry that you couldn’t go yarn shopping but the walk burns calories and is free

    1. Lol bubble wrap may help. I am trying my best not to touch anything else.
      The walk was a gorgeous break and I get to go yarn shopping today so life is good

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