Well we set off again today, for the last time this trip.

We started by going out to look at Youbou which is a small community of just under a thousand people. There were lots of signs about not logging and about elk and amazingly, I got to see an elk. One was literally standing on the side of the road!!! Boy was it big!

We also checked out Lake Cowichan which is another small community of 2000 people. My mom took me to see Marek’s Clock Shop as he has been servicing and cleaning all their clocks. Wow he makes some amazing clocks and does exquisite work!

From here we decided to visit Honeymoon Bay and Gordon Bay just because we could. They are super small, cute communities and now I can say I saw them. They are a little too rural for me though.

From here we took a paved logging road from Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew. It was so peaceful as the people weren’t angry on it and it had amazing scenery too!

We stopped in Port Renfrew at the hotel that is right on the dock and had lunch. We shared the salmon burger which didn’t look impressive, but tasted wonderful! Six birds out on their bath show for us while we were eating. It was really cute to watch them.

Finally we headed out and though we didn’t plan to stop, we did end up stopping at French Beach. It is as beautiful as all the beaches are on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. We were lucky that it was a sunny day and I think we both felt revitalized after our quick walk on the beach. The beach at the Provincial Park was surprisingly quiet though there was a sign that said the campground was full.

From here we resisted stopping again until we got to Sooke. At Sooke we went to the Seaside Button and Yarn shop. The shop is small and absolutely stocked with yarn and buttons! It has an amazing selection!

The owner was in and was so helpful and kind. She saw me looking at the rovings and once again wondering if it was worth getting stuff and trying it out. She explained and demonstrated for me and got me set up with an economical way to try spinning:). I also picked up some amazing buttons for a very reasonable price!

We then continued down Sooke Road to Colwood to the North by Knitwest yarn store. This store is tucked away behind a lawyer’s office, but it was a lovely bright, airy store with a good selection of local yarn lines. It also had a great selection of teas, soaps, jewelry, and even some cute knitting T-shirt’s that I wish they had in my size! One of the co-owners was working and she was super friendly, enthusiastic and energetic. She gave the place a real energy! I managed to pick up some more buttons, soak and a dryer ball for my mom.

We headed home after this as my parent’s have Wings Wednesday tonight. It was a small group but I enjoyed my black cherry cider and then went home to eat leftovers.

I did try out the drop spindle a bit this evening. I was doing okay until it started breaking. I obviously need to watch more YouTube videos.

Sorry I have no pictures of what I bought today because it’s already too dark:(

It’s now time for bed!

Have fun!


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