Well not a super exciting day, but I’ll tell you about it anyways.


I finished my current book, All For You. This book had four short stories and I really enjoyed three of them. The third, which is the longest one, was just too tough to get into and didn’t really hold my interest. I just saw that I’ve actually read this book before too.🤣. It didn’t even seem familiar.


My mom and I looked around Ladysmith and I managed to buy nothing but another pair of Birkenstock sandals. This is okay as I saw them when I was there earlier in the summer and thought about them before buying them:)

We checked on my dad at the house and it was coming along well. It’s amazing how nicely the foundation looks now and how that neatness definitely improved the look of the place overall!


We went for lunch at the Sawmill Pub. We shared nachos which were fine, but not as good as the ones at the Well that I usually eat. I also tried a Merri Berri Cider and it was quite yummy!


We looked around Petroglyph Park. I told my mom I would be embarrassed for visitors to see this park! It is about five carvings in rocks that you can barely see:( There are so many other awesome parks that I would give this one, just outside Nanaimo, a pass!


I took a float plane ride home followed by two skytrain rides. It was great that there were no cruise ships in port right now and it was before rush hour so this was definitely the time to go! I must remember that 2pm flights mid week are lovely!

I unpacked and then proceeded to have a two hour nap. My mom wore me out!🤣


I did get busy and baked some brownie bark as I have Tavia and Cori coming for knitting tomorrow. I made it from the cookbook I am reviewing right now.

The recipe was easy to make and if you like chocolate, it would probably be considered a success. My two pans came out differently- one is crisper than the other and I prefer the crispier. The only complaint I have is that no where did it say how thinly or thickly the batter should be spread. Probably why my two pans turned out differently. I’ll let you know what my company thinks tomorrow.


I am about to start a new project, but this will be my third try as I keep having difficulty with the provisional cast on🙄

This is the first project I am attempting from my book, Knit So Fine: Designs with Skinny Yarn by Lisa R Meyers. I am thinking I’m going to work my way through the patterns in this book as out of 21, I really like ten of them. We’ll see how I do or whether I get distracted by something else.

I did get all my new yarn put away and I did a great job of buying yarn for weights that I didn’t have a lot of🎉🎊

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Traveling

    1. Lol I’ve spent the past five days doing absolutely nothing so it’s proving tough to get out the door this morning too

      1. Oooh my fav past time… To do nothing just vegetate… But then again, I am not like you. Your day leaves me pretty much speechless

  1. Sounds like a good day! Mid day flights are always hit or miss in the summer for me. Sometimes they’re packed with families on vacation. Sounds like you had a great flight!

    1. Yes the float plane is mainly used by business people so it works great! Once you’re taking more than one person, it’s cheaper to take the ferry

      1. Oh interesting! I love flying when it’s mostly business people since everyone is determined to get on and off the plane as fast as possible haha

  2. There are some petroglyphs near where our son used to live. I don’t know how much I saw of them and how much was imagination. Isn’t it nice that some people get excited about such ancient art?

  3. Aj, Ten out of 21 patterns in a book that you will try is a great success. I am lucky if I find two or three in a big book that I’ll consider knitting up. Mmmmm, brownies. I bet they are a hit

    1. Yes I was quite amazed there were that many patterns as usually I’m like you and lucky to find two! I am laughing at how they aren’t the popular ones on ravelry🤣
      Yup the brownie bark appeared to be a hit!

  4. glad you enjoyed the end of your visit with your parents. I’ve never seen brownies come out that flat. they look the thickness of cookies. maybe if you put all the batter into one pan instead of two batches?

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