Today was my one day at home to get ready for my next trip.


I was worried that after not running for five days straight, it might be tough to get back into the habit, but I got out first thing this morning for 4.3km. It felt great because it was nice and cool out:)

I actually got out for another 4km this evening as well. Thankfully I didn’t know it was raining until I was already out there! I had just finished listening to a Marathon Training Academy podcast and the interviewee was talking about how it’s good to smile when you’re running. It must have worked as I felt great even though I wasn’t particularly faster for most of the run. I did however hit a 5:15 pace at the end:). If only I could do that consistently!


Tavia and Cori came for Tavia’s knitting lesson today and I had her start a Grandma’s favourite dishcloth for her mom. I only had to show her once and she had the yarn over down. I love seeing her tink back when she makes a mistake. I think k it’s going to turn out great!

I finally made some progress on my halter top that I started. I had twisted my stitches last night and didn’t know until I went to do the folded hem, but it turned out to be good as I got to try it on and realized I needed to take about fifty stitches off of it to get it to fit me. Ugh now I have to do math all the way through:(. I am loving what it’s looking like so far though! I have made sure to pack it and hopefully will get lots of time to knit this weekend as we visit.


I listened to a Marathon Training Academy episode, but I also listened to the first full episode of Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club. It was quite cute and I definitely share some experiences with Ellen. I also found a knitting podcast to try, so hopefully I’ll get to that soon!


I met up with Brenda for tea and made plans for the weekend. I’d better get to sleep as I’m being picked up at 5.40am!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Turn Around

  1. I never thought about smiling during running, but you’re right, it works!
    Tavia’s really making progress with her knitting. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her work.
    Not your Mom’s Romance Book club sounds interesting, would love to know more what you think about it🤗
    Sweet dreams, my friend 💜

  2. It’s good to worry about getting back to running. Any time I missed more than two days of walking, I was afraid I’d never start again. I’ve walked in the morning for 25 years now.

  3. my husband and I always comment about the fact that you almost never see runners smiling. this is part of my why would I want to do this feeling? they never look happy.

    1. Yes some people seem really angry or upset when running- maybe they’re concentrating really hard on their breathing or something. I now love smiling!

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