I just got home from my weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast and it was great! If you have running buddies- I highly recommend you travel with them! They’ve already seen you at your worst and know all your weird quirks:)

We left incredibly early Saturday morning as even a month out we couldn’t get a ferry reservation on Friday. It made for a long day, but we made it work!

We stopped for breakfast at Gourmet Girl in Davis Bay. I made that executive decision because they had lots of gf listed on their website. It wasn’t quite as clear when we got there and the cook wasn’t very pleasant, but it worked out in the end. Brenda had a green eggs and yam wrap, Dennis had buckwheat waffles and I had a breakup bun and a chai latte. The food was really good, but the chai latte didn’t taste like any I had ever had before! Definitely a good stop for breakfast!

We arrived and hung out for a bit seeing all the changes they had made to the house and yard in the past year and then headed out to the craft fair.

The Hackett Park Summer Arts and Crafts Fair is a juried fair with about 50 different booths. It costs $2 or $3 to get into the park where it is located and it took us about an hour to go through it all. Keep in mind that two people in our party talk to everyone! There was a wide variety of crafts displayed and some were amazing, others were just weird! 🤣. I ended up buying two skeins of tweed yarn and a kid’s book for my classroom. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and I think everyone would find something interesting here.

We walked down by the water and visited some more before heading back to the house. Dinner was quick as we had tickets to a concert in Pender Harbour that was part of the Chamber Music Festival that was going on this weekend. It was a very interesting evening and while we all agree that the musicians performing were amazing- we were definitely surprised by the selections they played. When you’re trying to see how many more pages are on the music stand- it’s not a good sign!🤣 The first piece was the one we all liked:)

Sunday morning we got up to a lovely breakfast of an omelette, fruit salad, toast, etc.

we then headed out to Smuggler’s Cove for a walk/run. Dennis had gotten permission to run so we planned to walk out and run back while everyone else was doing a walk of differing lengths. The area was beautiful, but the trail is quite technical with a lot of rocks and roots! We were kind of surprised when we arrived at the end, it just kind of stopped and we were left wondering if we were where we were supposed to be. It was a gorgeous view and so nice to have Dennis back running.

I laughed that after this we ended up in spender Harbour. I haven’t been many places on the Sunshine Coast, but I’ve been to Pender Harbour about five times and there isn’t a lot there! We walked down to the government wharf and then stopped for lunch in a cafe. I was amazed that they had a gluten free dairy free morning glory muffin that I got to have. It was very yummy and moist!

Sunday afternoon and evening we just hung out visiting in the backyard. I always love low key holidays like this where you spend time relaxing with friends:). We enjoyed a lovely dinner of President’s Choice ribs- the bbq ones were great, corn on the cob and a baked potato:)😋

This morning, I got up to Dennis saying we were going for another run. We ran the pink trail at Kinnickinick Park. This trail was only 2.75km so perfect for Dennis when he hadn’t run in a month. We had a pretty good pace and it was a lovely, wide, groomed trail that would be good for everyone. I have to admit that at 7am it was a little dark and tough to see true roots that were there.

We had yet another awesome breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. We were all saying that we don’t need to eat for at least a week!

We then headed for the ferry. I finished my latest book, The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillary. It was a great book about two people who are trapped in a hotel elevator and a relationship ensures. It was neat that the cute meet wasn’t the typical and that the problems weren’t exaggerated drama, but stuff that could happen to everyone. I liked that the characters grew emotionally during the book and the ending was cute! A nice, easy read:)

Well, I am so close to finishing my latest knitting project that I’m going to go work on that, though maybe a nap first!

Have fun!


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