My day has some lovely parts, but it also had a couple that just got to me!


After stepping on the scale this morning there was no escaping that I needed to get back to routine. I got out for two short runs today as lately I’ve been finding it mentally easier to do that than go for one long run. I got a total of 6.4km done and it was fast for me. It really helped that it was cool and this evening I purposely pushed myself on the flat parts!

I also got 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 25 bicycles and 25 scissor legs done. Tomorrow I really need to get a weights routine done. I feel like I’ve lost all my muscle!


I got a swatch done for my new project and got my halter top washed and blocked. Unfortunately the red cotton isn’t colour fast:( I tried soaking it in vinegar water, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. Anyone have an idea of what I should do? I now have a very pink halter outline on my towel:(

My new project is a test knit for Zanete Knits called Not a Boring Sweater. It was going well, until I just figured out my stitch count is 3 stitches out. I’ll save all that tinking for tomorrow! Ugh!!!


I attempted the Sally’s Baking Challenge for August which is a vertical layer cake. It unfortunately turned into trifle as my sponge cake cracked into pieces. Ugh!!! I’m not sure that I’ll try this one again, but we’ll see.


I had taken my car in to be repaired yesterday and went back today to pick it up. After paying a rather large bill, I only got ten minutes into driving when my dash lights came on again. I called the mechanic when I got home and I’ll take the vehicle back tomorrow so we can see what the dash lights are for:(. Ugh!!!

I think I’m going to go curl up in bed with my book now!

Have fun!


32 thoughts on “Ugh Times Two!

    1. It really did feel like I just recovered from one thing and another got me! The book is helping and I have to believe tomorrow will be better:)

  1. I hope the car thing is a minor fix.
    Red dye is notorious for running. I’ve soaked something red in vinegar/water and rinsed until the water was clear and it still ran when I soaked it again. Was it a commercial yarn company or indy dyer? I’d contact them and tell them how much it ran. In the detergent section of the grocery store you should be able to get something like Rit Dye color remover to get the pink out of your towel. Good luck:)

    1. Thanks Karen! I had done the rinse and rinse again, and it’s a Debbie Bliss yarn so I expected better:(. I’ll definitely look for Rit Dye!

  2. Some of those days are just “Ugh!” Days! Hope you get your knitting figured out. Probably why I don’t knit anymore. I was always dropping or adding stitches! 😀

  3. sounds like you were have an Alexander type day, but you can’t move to Australia. Hope today goes smoother for you

    1. Lol thank you! That’s exactly the type of day I was having! I don’t have the money for Australia so I guess I’m stuck adulting again today🤣

      1. well you know what they say. Some days are like that… even in Australia! Oh and adulting is never a fun thing, even if necessary

  4. Oh AJ!!! Sorry about the car. Al wanted a romance book suggestion so I gave her a couple of yours. She went with the one set at an inn. She said you may like THE BRIDE TEST

  5. Hi AJ!
    It sounds like a stressful day. Car repairs are always a pain and so overpriced. I think you are doing great. Summer is a great time to take some breaks and go on adventures especially since you are a teacher. I can relate in some ways because I feel like I have lost a lot of muscle tone myself. Today I am trying to accept the fact that I just need to find new and more sustainable ways to be active without a gym. I am glad to see that today is a better day for you. Hope you will have a great weekend!

    ❤ Alana

      1. Thank you. Yes, a new norm can be hard to accept especially when you are as stubborn as I am, but it will probably feel good to let go a little 🙂

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