Thankfully today was much better than yesterday!


Tavia came for another knitting lesson today. She is working on Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth And has mastered the knit stitch and increasing. Hopefully we’ll get to decreasing next week.

I ripped out the start of my Not a Boring Sweater as I couldn’t find my three missing stitches and have gotten the ribbing done again. We will see if I tackle the cables tonight or not.

It was great to spend time with Cori and Tavia and we had a sushi lunch together after knitting. They unfortunately couldn’t do a poke bowl for me:(


I spent a lot of today napping and reading. I finished the book, The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare. I had heard Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club talking about this book and wanted to read it.

I very much enjoyed this book and found it quite humorous and laughed out loud a few times. I also enjoyed how it was the male lead who had the trouble with being self conscious and how there was minimal drama between the couple. Fair warning though- it’s a steamy read.


I took my car back to the mechanic today and he hooked it up to the monitor. We were both really happy to see it was just a vacuum hose that hadn’t been reconnected. All the lights went off on my dash and my car ran normally. Yay🎊🎉


I tried to make the Sally’s Baking Challenge for August which is a vertical layer cake, but my sponge cake completely fell apart. At this point I took the sponge cake I could save, blackberries and a blackberry sauce and coco whip mixture together into parfait cups and called it trifle. Thankfully Cori sent Tavia and Matthias down to eat two of the servings so I didn’t. They sure do great things for my ego🤣


I did finally get out for a run this evening though I really didn’t want to. My run ended up going better than expected even with having to dodge people in the park! Another 4.8km done towards my yearly goal! I hope I can get another 40km done before the end of the month!

Well I’m going back to my knitting:)

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Better

  1. I’d love to attempt a vertical layer cake but I struggle rolling Swiss rolls, so I don’t know how I would get on!! Going to make cinnamon swirls today, though… I think.

    1. Part of me thinks I should try again, but the other half of me thinks move on to something else! Cinnamon swirls sound really good!

    1. Oh it was so nice to drive home and feel like I could go anywhere! I hadn’t realized I’d been so limited by my vehicle

  2. Making a vertical layer cake would be way too challenging for my basic baking skills- the truffle sounded yummy, great save!
    The Duchess deal sounds fun! My Mom loves steamy romance- so this one might be exactly her kind of book😁
    Glad you had a much better day today💜

    1. The Duchess Deal was a fun historical for sure!
      I wasn’t upset about the trifle as I like it better than cake:)
      Yes I’m glad the bad day is behind me

  3. got to love the idea that when all else fails, make it a trifle! I’ve done this before a few times. glad to had a good day and enjoyed time with friends. also happy to hear the mechanic was able to figure out this issue with your car

  4. I’m glad the diagnostic hook-up cured your car AJ. My last car had electrical issues and they had it at the shop over and over again but did not determine the problem. I’d be driving along and it just died – very very scary. I left it there and said “please find the problem no matter how long it takes (I took the bus so had some leeway there) – so they took it out to get lunch to drive it so it would “code” … finally it coded on the road and they discovered the problem, but not before a lot of angst had been expended.

    1. Yup I hate driving a car that you’re just waiting for it to die. It’s my worst nightmare to have a car die in traffic:(

      1. I had that with my first car (brand-new VW bug … brand-new car which was a lemon from day 1. Next had an AMC Pacer, also brand new and it did the same thing and got rid of it. It was not the gasoline … not bad gas, maybe inactivity as I took the bus to school, then to work for decades.
        I had my Buick Regal for 21 years and the last two years were h*llish … no rhyme or reason to when it would just die. They finally discovered the bad code, corrected it – yay, but then I’d park it in the garage and it would die overnight. My mom said “get a new car – it’s dangerous” … it was still in the shop and they discovered a brake light would come on all on its own and deplete the battery,m but we had already bought a new, year-end model and that was that.
        I am driving this car more as it is 10 years old with only 6,500 miles and I worry it will get electrical issues and having endured those three nightmare car issues, I don’t want it to happen again.

      2. Yes I worry too that my car will die as it just sits there all week. I try to make sure I go somewhere on the weekend to use it! It sounds like this car has been better for you

      3. This car has been better – the others were lemons but my mechanic where I take it for batteries (and I get a new battery every 3-4 years because I don’t drive it very much) suggested I get a trickle charger and keep it plugged in all the time. So I do that now. They had to attach it to the battery and a little plug comes out the grille and hooks to an extension cord and that gets plugged into the wall. Is your car in a place it can be plugged in or in a carport? This is the gizmo I use – it was recommended by the owner and manager, who have classic car s that are rarely driven, so they sit 99% of the time. They last for years without replacing them. A constant trickle of energy keeps the battery juiced up. I was going through one battery a year, despite going out every morning to run it in the Winter months. I usually run it every day all year around, but always ensure I run it in the garage about 10 minutes/day all Winter.

      4. Unfortunately my vehicle sits in the underground so I can’t plug it in, but it does force me to go somewhere every week. I’m glad the charger has helped you though

      5. Oh, that wouldn’t work then but at least it is out of the elements so that’s a good thing, even though you don’t have as much cold/snow/ice as we have here in Michigan. Yes, it’s been great as the trickle charger is constantly keeping the battery juiced.

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