It was a great day with one small problem.


This morning I headed off to meet up with Lyndsay and Brady along with her niece and mother in law for The Great Shoreline Cleanup. Since I use the trails so often, I figure I should give back to them. The five of us picked up seven bags of garbage in an hour. The main trail wasn’t bad, it was more where roads ended that were disgustingly dirty:(


I had arranged to meet my friend Melissa this afternoon. I figured she might be going a little crazy by now as she had surgery just over two weeks ago. She’s doing really well and was able to go out for lunch at a really cute cafe. Black Tiger Coffee in Langley has a great menu of drinks and food with lots of gluten free and vegan options- even donuts on Saturdays after 11!

My Mediterranean toast and nutty professor donut were wonderful.

Unfortunately lunch ended with my passing out again. Melissa says one second I was listening and the next my eyes rolled back in my head and I was out. I felt fine pretty quickly, but it was definitely scary (and not just for me), especially as this is the second time it has happened this summer. I guess it’s time for a doctor’s visit.


I finally got out for a run later this evening. I ended up going just to the track so that I was never more than 400 meters from my car, in case I didn’t feel well again. I did end up doing 12 laps which was 5.35km and felt pretty good. I didn’t push the pace and felt fine at the end. I admit it was nice that there were people around and even some of my former students:)


I got a little overly confident and felt like the knitting was going really well today. Then I ended up having to pull out an entire row! Thankfully it was nothing that counting out loud couldn’t help. I have definitely been enjoying this pattern today!

Well I’m off to rest up.

Have fun!


32 thoughts on “Trying to Give Back

  1. Must have been really scary, glad you were with your friend when it happened and that you are going to the doctor.
    It’s wonderful what you’re doing for the trails. I try to pick wrappers and stuff like this when I go for a walk in our park. Always puzzles me why people carry cans and bottles when they’re full, but drop them when they’re empty and much lighter to carry to the nearest bin.
    Hope you feel better today. Take good care of yourself.

    1. It did feel good to help out! It will make running the area nicer too:) we were saying everyone should have to do a half hour and then maybe they wouldn’t litter!
      Thank you- I will definitely try to take it easy!

  2. Sorry to hear about the faint – hope you get to schedule a doctor appointment quickly (when I felt my anxiety was getting too much I managed to get a same-day appointment with a good doctor, with some meds and a follow-up appointment booked for this week, so I wish you the same good medical luck).

  3. Way to go to help pick up trash along the trails. I can’t believe how much trash you collected in such a short time! Ugh!

    I think you definitely should visit the doctor. I hope you get some good news. You don’t want to pass out while you are driving!

  4. I’m three days behind in Reader so hopefully I’ll catch up and find out what caused you to pass out – that is scary and here you were with a friend that just had surgery and likely not feeling up to par herself. One time, many years ago, I was downstairs exercising. The basement is tiled and has braided rugs and one side of the basement has the old living room suite and the area rug. So, I was on an excercise mat on the area rug, doing “fire hydrants” (down on all fours and doing kicks) and all of a sudden I passed out. What was bad as I had my thick, huge eyeglasses on, not my contacts, and my weights were nearby and I fell face down (luckily not standing up) and landed on the two-pound weights and my glasses pushed into my face. Went upstairs when I recovered and my nose was already swollen and cut from the lenses (I have a strong prescription and the lenses was pretty thick). He said it was low blood sugar and I had low blood pressure and that was the reason – scary!

    1. It is scary! The weird part was that I had just eaten and drank which eliminated the two mains causes of dehydration and low blood sugar. We’ll see what they find

      1. Unless your blood pressure is very low. My mom read a lot of medical articles and listened to newstalk shows about health, etc. She made all the meals and decided after hearing a lot about sodium and stroke that she would cut salt almost completely out of our diet. No more salt on french fries at McDonalds either. That was the first time I really missed it. So we used “Salt Sense’ and very little to no salt. Both our blood pressure readings were very low and when she had her second hip replacement, her BP dropped dangerously low. I was out in the yard one day weeding or something where I was bending over and all of a sudden everything swirled around and I had to come in the house and lay down. I made it a point after that to eat more peanut butter and always have pretzels or peanuts around to eat, especially in the Summer when you’re losing salt through sweat. Hope they come up with a solution.

      2. I do not eat a lot of salt, but my blood pressure always makes low-normal. Hopefully it’s not that and is something really easy to fix!

      3. Well the doc complimented you on being healthy – I was eating healthy and eating too many beans, tuna and turkey – got gout in my toe. I did not want to take medicine for it, so studied up what diet to follow – who knew that salmon was okay but tuna was not; chicken is okay but turkey is not? And too many beans are bad because they, like tuna and turkey will make the prurine level high and you’ll get gout. I think the biggest issue was not drinking enough water.

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