It was a nice day, though once again I lost a big chunk of it to a two hour, unplanned nap.


I went first thing this morning and got my bloodwork and ECG done and this evening I learned that I’m disgustingly healthy except I have very low iron. I expect I’ll hear from the doctor sometime.

The technician thanked me for my service when she learned I was a teacher. I’ve always heard people say that to my dad who’s a veteran, but it’s a first for me. It was very sweet of her though!


My 4.3km this morning felt more like 8.6! It was a tough run! I would like to blame it on my sore arm from the blood test, but I know I probably need a day off running. I just need to get 16km done and then I can have a day off.

I got out for a nice walk around the inlet this afternoon. I couldn’t believe how busy the trail was at 3:30pm


My running buddy Dennis goes out for breakfast every Saturday and he alternates new places with his favourite, The Big Flat Pancake. After hearing about this place for two years, I decided I had to check it out! Brenda and I went for lunch today and I had salmon and eggs which came with hash browns, fruit salad and toast. It was good, but I wouldn’t say it was anything out of this world! We decided we might have to try it again and order what he orders. I was just happy they had gluten free bread and pancake options.


I am continuing to make progress with the yoke of my sweater. I sure hope this sweater fits me!


There were just three of us tonight, but we had help from the table next door. We knew:

What is the name of Will Smith’s character on Fresh Prince?

Will Smith

Who was the half blood prince in Harry Potter?

Severus Snape

Who played their entire MLB career for New York?

Mickey Mantle

Who is the Coquitlam lacrosse team?


Which two entertainers had the wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl?

Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake

What is the punctuation of three dots called?


Who was the lead singer for Van Halen?

David Lee Roth

which country did Genghis Khan come from?


What does the C stand for in Mel C?


Which Great Lake has no Canadian border?

Lake Michigan

Which actor has played James Bond the most?

Roger Moore

Who was the first billionaire author?

JK Rowling

What are the words of Jessie’s Girl?

Jessie’s got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #19

  1. Disgustingly healthy! That’s what you get for exercising and eating mindfully! Lol

    I used to have a major crush on Sammy Hagar when I was like 8, so when the question asked “who was the lead singer of Van Halen” I thought “Sammy!” But I guess David lee Roth was the original… 😅

    1. Yup that exercise and eating healthy has let me down- I might as well go eat bon bons on the couch🤣
      Sorry I should have specified it was the original:)

  2. Oh no! I can relate to your health problem of low iron. I have a history of it. When your iron levels get back up to normal you’ll see how much easier it is to run! My doctor asked me how it was even possible for me to keep running when my iron was so low.

  3. glad you got some answers even if it just leads to more questions.

    I say take the 2 hour naps now… soon you won’t be able to have them during the week.

    1. I had a two hour nap after tidying my classroom today and am now wondering how I’m going to teach all day- so exhausted!

      1. the kids energize you … and then suck the energy out of you so you are tired after work

  4. Well I did better on this trivia than the last few. Low iron – hmm. I used to donate blood two or three times a year but when I stopped eating red meat I did not reach their mandatory iron level to give blood – they suggested I take iron pills and I said I took a multi-vitamin with iron years ago and had “iron overload” in my system so no more multi vitamins with iron after that.

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