I went out with friends last night, but even with my two hour nap yesterday and being home by ten, I went instantly to sleep.


I got another 4.3km done. I really wish I could just do the whole 16km at one time and be done with it!! That’s not going to happen though so I will keep plugging away with my four kilometers a day.


My nephew and I went in and set up my classroom. I at least have desks out, chairs present, and the coat room unloaded. The rest will have to wait.

I paid him with a Wendy’s lunch and a trip through the new rec centre in town. The rec centre is gorgeous and we both noticed how clean it smelled, but to me it seemed to have a lot of wasted space. For having two rinks, a library and a games room, the place is huge and all hallways.


I unfortunately only got a few rows done because I had the big nap.


I met Cori and Lyndsay for happy hour at a local patio. It was really nice to sit around and gab and catch up. We also checked out the new brewery in town as I had never been there. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to at least be able to say I’ve been there. The Bakery is definitely fancier than the other breweries we have- booths and a fireplace corner and very bright and open. It was quite nice! We were noticing how dead it was when we got there, but then how busy it got! We also stopped at Twin Sails and again the other two had to drink my cider as it wasn’t sweet enough. The sunset was gorgeous though.

Well I have to get cleaning at Tavia and Cori are coming for a knitting lesson this morning.

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “A Wednesday Delay

  1. I love the new rec centre! Remember that’s only phase 1 of 3. The pool and two-story gym open next. And there is third rink coming, which will be the big one with stadium seating. Once those are open they’ll need the space!

    1. Ok I’ll take your word for it:) I really wanted to check out the library, but Gussy knows me well enough to not let me in there

      1. Haha. I like the library. I was scoping out where to go work on report cards if I need to escape my house and don’t want to go to Starbucks! Haha

      2. Oh that’s a good idea! I just stay and do a few after school each day for a week. Liane and I work in the same room so we can bounce ideas off each other

  2. sounds like a good start and having the extra hands helps. I hate when new building are designed and don’t make sense…. hello people. what were you thinking?

    1. My friend just explained that there are going to be more parts added so I guess I will delay my conclusions until it is complete, but right now🙄

  3. I maintain there is Napping without Guilt! You must have needed the sleep! Zach is now teaching children in China via internet. So cool. He’s back in Mexico. He’s so happy

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