It was a nice day today as I had my mom’s company and got three things off my list:)


I only had to do 2.3km to finish my 100km for the month, and I managed to do a little extra with 2.85km. It was nice and cool this morning which definitely helped.

I also got out for a walk around Bert Flynn Park with Sarah and the dogs this afternoon. It was a nice walk, but once again, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was!


I had to undo a row of my knitting and really should do a second one as I had dropped two stitches and had tried to pick them up, but it didn’t work when I went to knit the row. Unfortunately my brother’s house is too dark to unpick stitches at:(


I grabbed my mom and showed her the couches I saw last week. We both agreed that I was right to leave them. We also stopped in at Lee Valley so I could learn how to load staples into my new stapler.

I got Costco for gas as well, but it was painful trying to get through that parking lot! I didn’t even go in for my shrimp plate and bleach.


My mom and I also managed to take another restaurant off my list called The Warehouse Cafe. It is an extremely tiny place with wraps, sandwiches and bowls. I had a wrap and a chai latte while my mom had a turkey avocado sandwich. It was good and nice to have real food.


As a kid, my family went camping every weekend and many of those weekends were at Rolley Lake. After seeing Bruce’s Market as an adult, I wanted to go see Rolley Lake as an adult too. Since it was raining this morning I figured it was the perfect day to go out as it always rained when we were at this lake. I used to drag my mom on the guided walk around the lake every time we went there camping there so today we walked around the lake again. As a kid it seemed so big and yet today I learned it was only 2.75km. I have to say I’m glad it wasn’t just 1km!

Since we were on such a roll, we stopped at Whonnock Lake as I thought this might be the location for some of the Hallmark movies I’ve seen. I’m not sure it was, but it was still neat to visit. On the drive in we saw three bears! Whonnock Lake is a very small area but has a nice beach area, a beautiful gazebo and an awesome playground. I was really surprised that it was so empty.


I am dog sitting and house sitting for my brother this weekend. This is my companion for the weekend.


I am watching Love and Sunshine and very much enjoying it! A couple of cute men, a super cute dog and a new premise really help this movie:)

I saw The Trouble with Mistletoe advertised and I so want to see it, but can’t figure out how to:(

I’m off to finish my movie.

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Friday Fun

    1. She said it was really good and yes Banks is cute but he definitely suffers from separation anxiety. He won’t do anything but look out the window

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