This was my summer bucket list that I wrote with the children on June 24, 2019.

Walk on the beach- Yes i got to walk on French Beach which was new to me.

Read on my patio- have definitely done a lot of that, and even knitted on my deck. I have so enjoyed having my four pots of plants to look at:)  I need to add some Fall plants so I can keep this going.

Go trail running- did lots of this with the clinic I took and by myself.

Visit my parents – I went twice just to make sure they knew I was there LOL

Go on a road trip – to Sointulla and Alert Bay

Go to Sechelt- had an absolute fabulous time with my running buddies.

Make ice cream

Go to Canada Day celebrations- had a great day with friends

Stay in bed drinking tea- definitely did lots of this!

Bake on rainy days- I didn’t bake a lot because I was trying to be super healthy, but I did manage to get my Sally’s Baking Challenge successfully completed.

Can fruit – I didn’t can any plain fruit, but definitely made and canned a lot of jam

Pick berries- I bought my raspberries this year, but did get out to pick some blackberries

Go to Seattle- had a great time with my friends

Visit my brother- I did get a quick visit in, but there’s never enough time with family.

Watch Gus play football- not yet as he hasn’t had a game yet and he told me practice is really boring

Workout lots- definitely did a lot of running, but not as many weight workouts as I would have liked.

Have a picnic

Go on a hike- finally got to enjoy Westwood Lake

Meet friends for fun stuff- did lots of stuff with a variety of friends

Walk along Main Street- I did this right away this summer with my friend

Explore Commercial Drive

Go on a bike ride-my friends can talk me into doing anything

Use my herbs – I used lots of my herbs in my manicotti

Go for ice cream- found my new favourite called Vashti Rose

Knit 2 sweaters- I got this black cardigan and this striped tee done

Visit new yarn and book stores – Oh I definitely covered this goal as I have now visited every yarn store on Vancouver Island and a post will be coming out solely about this… mainly so I can remember why to visit each one

Go to a farmers market- this is the first short visit I had at a Farmer’s Market and then I went to a large juried craft fair while I was in Sechelt

Try a new restaurant – Oh I found three awesome new restaurants on Vancouver Island that offered gluten free and dairy free. I had seafood, chinese and an awesome brunch.

Help on my parent’s house – nope not a thing because it was hanging in the air

Play with Anna’s kids at the park – I had a couple of awesome visits, but there’s never enough time with these cuties!

See as many friends as possible- I definitely tried to see everyone and even got a coffee in with my friend Michelle, who is Life of a Canadian Girl on WordPress

Work on my cross stitch – didn’t even touch the bag:(

Make my Christmas presents – I had all of the supplies and yet didn’t do any, so figure I need to come up with a different idea

Watch movies- watched a lot of movies while dogsitting for my brother this last weekend. What else can you do with a dog permanently attached to you?

Check out a new library – nope:(  I don’t know what it is that when I am out with others, they won’t let me into libraries or bookstores ( do you think I have a problem???) LOL

Go shopping – oh I definitely shopped my way through the summer, and finished with a big back to school shopping trip where I found 22 new things to wear to school! I have already worn 4, but need to get rid of another 14 to keep my closet in stasis.


Well that’s a pretty good look at my summer and I’m happy with how much I accomplished:)

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Recap

  1. looks like you did a good job checking off a lot of the things on your bucket list. technically you still have time as summer isn’t technically over yet.

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