Well today was a bit disappointing in one way.


I looked and realized today’s run needed to be 5.5km to make up my missing mileage this week. I was feeling super tired and didn’t want to go, but did. It was nothing spectacular, but it is another 5.52km done:)


I had my follow up appointment today and it was seriously disappointing! My iron is at 6 when it’s supposed to be over 100. The doctor figured that is what is causing my problems. I get to take iron pills for three months and see if it helps.

All this appointment did was confirm that I will be looking for a new doctor! He asked me why I was there when the office called me, he didn’t want to know anything about me, and he never looked up from his computer. No thank you!


I got to try another new restaurant today for lunch – Yoga Chef . I had the Flow bowl with avocado added in. It was so yummy!!!!

Roast cumin potatoes, black beans, salsa, sprouts, parsley, pickled jalapeños. Roasted garlic vegan aioli. So fresh and good and filling!

Today I also had a rice cake Pb & j, a mini kind bar, cucumber and cheese.


I had my mom for company on my errands, so started by making the trek to my favourite nursery- Amsterdam for some Fall colour for my deck. Katherine out there has been amazing at suggesting plants that have worked great for me. I loved how happy my summer plants made me so decided I needed to continue to have colour out there. I got some Dragon’s breath Celosia, coleus, and pansies. My deck looks great again:)

I also stopped into a few other places, but wasn’t very successful.

I did manage to book our flights for Christmas though:)


I am on the body and love how this pattern gives directions for both a fitted and loose body. I’m enjoying knitting, but can’t wait to wear Not a Boring Sweater!


Just trying to finish up my Bookclub book, How to Stop Time by Matt Haig.

Well I have to go back to reading!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “No answers

  1. Hind sight, your symptoms are those of low iron, especially the sleepiness. A new doc does sound like a necessity. I didn’t like iron pills much when I took them…made my stomach upset, so do eat something with them! I hope they help too! I am feeling the urge to knit today, probably something to do with a high of only 60!

  2. I agree that you need to find another doctor. While getting an answer to what it could be is helpful, are they going to figure out the why of the issue? Seems like there needs to be more info beyond you have low iron here take pills.

    glad you found some flowers for your deck. Got to love when you add in some new plants and color to brighten up a space

    1. That’s my problem with him too- why do I have low iron???
      I’m loving looking at my plants and as I’m already getting emails from parents- I’m going to need the happy sight!

  3. That doctor sounds awful! I have found a really good one at the moment who is up to date with modern stuff and when my heart rate went a bit odd was committed to keeping me running. Best of luck with the iron pills and hope they do you some good.

    How are you finding the Matt Haig? Is he the one who writes quite a lot about mental health issues?

    1. I’m hoping the iron issue is solved quickly!
      This is the only Matt Haig I have read and it’s fiction- definitely recommend the book though

  4. I’ll be honest with you, both times my iron level was extremely low, I went to multiple doctors and none of them could figure out why my iron was so low. I do know this, having low iron in female runners is extremely common and if you’re not taking a multivitamin with iron in it every day, are a woman who is still getting her period, and you run, especially long-distance, and if you’re vegetarian, it’s pretty much a given you are anemic, although the range can vary a bit from one woman to another. It seems like a given that you need to find a good doctor who is knowledgeable in this area and can help you. Iron levels are a tricky thing because too little is bad, but so is too much. It needs to be monitored regularly by a good doctor who will listen to you and help you figure this out, or at least make it manageable for you so you can live your life again.

    1. Honestly I’ve been in this boat before and my previous doctor had gotten my iron up to what it should be and stabilized and had put into place a plan to ensure it stayed up there, that’s why I’m wondering why it’s come down so drastically. I just feel like lately I am sleeping my life away and I expected my doctor to at least mention the fact that I’ve been fainting! 😖😖

  5. Despite your iron problems, it was a pleasure reading your little slice of life 😊 I’m nearing 69 and had a minor low level iron for decades. The why was never figured out exactly, but I just had a major hiatal hernia repair last week, and info I’ve read said low iron was one of the symptoms of a hiatal hernia. But it could be real different for women – either way, all the best!

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