I realize school started a week ago, but today was my first day with my class for the year. I was super nervous about it.


I got out this morning for my morning run and managed to be out the door at 6:30 so I’m happy with that as I didn’t want to have to get up any earlier! I got 3.47km in. I really want to make sure that on non-work days I get more mileage in so my body doesn’t get used to only doing 3km. At least this 3km ensures I am still on track this week:)

This evening I got a little bit of weight work done, 3 sets of 12 of the following:

Bicep curls, squats, front raises, calf raises, tricep kickbacks, bridge, shoulder press, deadlifts, sit ups, and Russian twists.


It was a truly exhausting day because I had to teach absolutely everything! We came in and sat down and I taught how to use the coatroom. We did a talking circle and everyone introduced themselves. 8/21 children challenged themselves to come up with something they liked that starts with the same letter as their name. Not bad for a straight grade one. I taught the bathroom routine, the recess routine, we read a story called First Day Jitters which I always love. We also read No David and brainstormed our rules. I always post the rules and have the children sign them and I had one little girl who didn’t plan on signing them because she didn’t plan on following them. Can you guess that this was the same girl who drove me nuts all day with her attitude and learned helplessness!!!

The children finally went home and I got to sit through a very painful staff meeting where nothing seemed to be decided and then did some more prep for tomorrow. I got home extremely late:(


I got a few rows done on my sweater:)


A hard boiled egg, a mini kind bar, salad with chorizo sausage, grapes, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “The First Day

    1. Oh I think it might be a while before it gets better. When I don’t have to say absolutely every little detail of what I want them to do- then it will be better:)

  1. Hahaha at least the little girl is showing her authentic self from day one so as the year get underway you won’t have to wander where the behavior issue came from 😉 Its also good to know other professional experience first day jitters. I often feel a bit of that meeting new clients and students…

  2. I look forward to reading more about your school days! It’s awesome that you teach first graders. Hope you have a great teaching year ahead!

  3. Goodness, what an influence you will be on them, I’m glad they have you to look up to. And I have to love your little anarchist: hopefully you will get to show her that some rules do need to be kept!

  4. glad you made it through day 1 take two! I had when I have children who come in day one and already have an attitude towards schools. I had one like that the first time I taught 1st grade, he told me he was going to quit school on the first day. By the end of the year he didn’t want to go home because he loved school so much. Maybe with the strength and care you will provide in your classroom she will have a similar turn around

    1. I’m hoping I can at least teach her to be respectful. I so dislike how strict I have to be at the start, but it makes for a much better year!

      1. it is easier to be strict now and then to back off than to be too sweet now and try to buckle down on them later… but you know that already!

  5. I bet she will come around, as will the others! I have a 1st grade boy that makes my head spin…last year he was out of control and thought he was in charge. I decided to assume he was bored and just move on, and we are possibly setting a new trend. Two good lessons in a row! I am exhausted, but I think we may actually be moving forward now.

  6. I learned a long time ago that I cannot get read No David to my classes. Out of all the books, THIS is the one that they want to reenact. They’ll throw a chair and then say “No David!” And laugh.

    Preschool life. Lolz

    1. Ugh the page I hate the most is the one where he is running naked down the street- so tough to get them back under control after that, but I guess I should be happy that at least grade ones don’t throw chairs!

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