It has been a quiet day, even quieter than I was planning.


I went over this morning so they could unhook me from the heart monitor. I didn’t sleep last night as I was really bothered by the sensors. I was wondering why I was being such a wimp about this when everyone I had talked to had said it was a nothing test to have done. Well when they took the sensors off they found out my skin had reacted to the sensors and the tape so I have lovely blisters everywhere I was touched. They are still burning and itchy😖😖. I just keep reminding myself that life could be much worse!


The blisters made for a great excuse to knit for the day. I am down to the cabled hem on the Not A Boring Sweater test knit, but am on hold right now. The pattern calls for a 2/1/2 RC Inc 1 which is not listed in the legend and which I think is

sl2 to CN1, hold to back, skip 1 to CN2, hold to front, k2, k1fb from CN2, k2 from CN1

I really don’t want to mess up at this late date though so am on hold until the designer confirms my thoughts or if one of you knows this is right.

I did something I haven’t done before and recast on the cowl for HPKCHC. I have been knitting away, but now have to decide if I should do three cowls that are all one colour or two cowls that each feature three colours. I have about the same amount of all three- a plain green, a plain tan and a variegated with red, green and tan. Your thoughts?

I have been watching Hallmark movies and listening to podcasts all day and it really has been a lovely way to spend a rainy day:)

Kitchen Time:

I was supposed to do the Sally’s Baking Challenge for September today, but it just didn’t happen. I was also supposed to make breakfast tacos out of my current cookbook, but that didn’t happen either. I did however make rice pudding and get the ingredients ready to make the tacos tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll also get to the bread tomorrow.

Well, I’m back to watching Frozen in Love for the third time🤣

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “On The Couch

      1. I don’t blame you AJ – my mom had to use paper tape when sticking anything on her skin instead of a bandaid … gauze and paper tape worked for her. Even the latex-free bandaids caused welts or tiny blisters.

      2. I think they are putting something in the bandaids before. After my mom had the issue she had to put salve on it to heal it and I went to the store to get non-stick tape and gauze … I saw they had latex-free bandaids and got some of those to have around … they don’t stick well though. Try paper tape and gauze and Neosporon (or something similar) … the paper tape will stick but will not cause blisters. It was a problem with my mom as she had cellulitis (infection under the skin) so even the tiniest tear could cause a flare-up.

  1. ouch! hope they are starting to feel better. did the people who removed the device give any advice to help with the blister/spots? A day of resting is always a good way to spend the day when you don’t sleep well.

    1. They suggested cold compresses so I did this and polysporin and they are looking much better though they didn’t really like my run this morning- clothing brushing over them wasn’t great.

      1. I can see that being an issue. hope they calm down enough to not bother you at work tomorrow

  2. Oh my goodness – so sorry you had such a bad reaction to the sensors – that has to be uncomfortable! Good for you taking it easy for a little bit. You are always so active and busy – a little down time once in a while is good for you 🙂 Rest up and feel better!

  3. Oh you poor thing! I am allergic to hypoallergenic plasters (band-aids) but not normal ones and I found out the hard way I am also allergic to the gel/glue they stick heart monitor things on with. Ugh. I feel your pain. I had an ECG for just 20 minutes when I found out, and then when I was monitored after an operation a couple of years ago, I told them and they used minimal gel/glue on them, very kindly.

    Haven’t been around much as we had to say goodbye to our poor cat on Monday, so I hope your week has gone better and will catch up soon.

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