The only movement I did today was some foam rolling and stretching after my Epsom salts bath. I am trying really hard to be a responsible body owner and listen to what my body is telling me. However, it has been absolutely gorgeous here all day- that perfect crisp, fall day- and all I can think is, why today of all days can’t I run??? You can bet it will be pouring the next time I run.😖


We had music this morning so didn’t get anything else done other than calendar. We got a dot-to-dot to 29 done and it seemed like only one of my children had real difficulty. This afternoon we started talking about rights and responsibilities. I think it’s going to take us a week to do the booklet I thought would take two days🤣

I got through testing one child on his sight words and amazingly he knew all the words to grade two, except for six. That’s a nice start, but I think he’s my top student so we’ll see what happens with the rest.

The best part of the day was that there were no problems at recess or lunch and at the end of the day outdoor playtime I got two girls playing together who usually just wander around by themselves. It felt so great to hear them laughing and giggling as they ran down the hill and did “meditation”. It was the best teacher moment I’ve had yet this year❤️❤️ Now I remember why I do this job!!!

Blog Hop:

New friends are always tough for me as I am very shy. People who meet me at work never believe this, but I put on a teacher persona in the morning just as much as I put on clothes. I definitely have the tendency to have a few good friends over a lot of friends, but once I’m friends with you, you’re stuck with me!🤣🤣

Thanks Teacher Turned Mommy for hosting this fun blog Hop:)


I was home early after doing a few puttery things around my classroom and spent the evening listening to podcasts and knitting on a Fall cowl for my HPKCHC class. It is blocking right now as it has a tendency to roll and hopefully I’ll be able to show it off tomorrow.

I’m down three more skeins, unfortunately I’m still +93 for the year:(

Well I’m off to bed in the hopes of being able to run tomorrow morning.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “A High and a Low

  1. I loved your ending telling of the best teaching moment so far this year. The last sentence is embedded in every excellent teacher’s heart — “Now I remember why I do this job!!!” God bless you for doing a job I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

  2. got to love those moments when you say… hey that worked! glad your class seems to be smoothing out it’s edges a bit. hope it continues to get better

  3. I relate to putting on the teacher persona. For a brief time I was a corporate trainer and I had to pretend to be extroverted and thrilled to be talking in front of a group. I found a new job quickly because I found it so draining.

    1. As in I’ve added another 93 skeins this year. My mom and I took the last of my grandma’s sweaters apart which added a lot, but my summer tour of yarn stores didn’t help

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